Friday, January 04, 2013

Carry On

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Right after I got back from our cruise I performed in an original piece choreographed by the lovely Anastasia Weiss. We performed for the Breaking Boundaries  benefiting Street Teens Show here in Las Vegas, and it was the first time I performed in over 3 years...the last time I danced, we performed Thriller for the American Heart Association! haha anyway...we danced to the song Carry On by FUN and it was so much can see me at the end going "Oh my gosh...I didn't break my neck and we actually did it? haha 

While it benefited a good cause it also helped me reach one of my "I WANTS" or as most of you know them as "resolutions" of 2012...I wanted...actually let me rephrase that..I NEEDED to dance again...whether I was bad...good...or in between...I NEEDED to get back to the things I loved...and man was this an incredible experience... Keely who is in the green had only worked with me one time prior to me leaving on our cruise and practiced twice when we got back! She was great!  haha Not sure how we did it...but together we carried each other through...haha I cliche....but so true!

 I can not wait to get back in the studio and really get my groove back...for those of you who may not know..I used to dance ballet for over 15 years with the Academy of Ballet here in Las Vegas, Royal Academy of Dance, (RAD) trained, I had high hopes of dancing...for EVER...but then college came around and I loved the theater viola and everything else that college made available...haha any way long story short...I have never been able to get rid of that need for music and dance...and while winning dance offs in the club were great..I am happy to be doing it for a better cause....Thank you to Anastasia for this beautiful piece and for including me in this...Thank you Keely for being my partner, can't wait for our next performance!



  1. I am also a former dancer who is just getting back into it. I have dance for about 17 years and then life happened and college and I was out. I just moved to Chicago and joined a studio here! It is so nice to be back into it, but just a little frustrating because I can't do all that I used to be able to do :(


  2. So great that you're getting back into dance! I remember the Thriller piece - it was great!

    @ Tiffany - If you're ever interested in a super laid-back ballet class, I take from Chicago Ballet in Logan Square. You should come check it out!

  3. Wow! I've only 'caught' the dancing bug as an adult (mainly bellydancing), but man, is it fun!


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