Thursday, December 06, 2012

Thursday Giveaway!

Replace My Contacts
I am so excited to bring you todays giveaway! See recently I went to the eye doctor and was told that my eyes were no longer 20/20....and when I say recently I mean 3 years ago...I'm still in denial...but that is besides the point...anyway...I wear glasses at night when I drive...or when I want to see the faces of people who may be performing on a stage...that being said...I like my glasses...but I know many of friends and family who prefer contact lenses..and those suckers can be I was totally excited when I was contacted by to offer you guys a pair of contacts!!! Any of you in denial over your failing eyes?

You also have them to thank for the Ugly Sweater Link Up coming Monday! Thanks for the suggestion Ben! Anyway...I am using the super easy raffle coptor to enter the giveaway and there are multiple ways to win! Good Luck!
If you don't want to enter the giveaway but are interested in the contact lenses offered check out their list of rebates where you can get $100 off your contact orders!

The Rules 
  • Winner MUST have a current contact prescription
  • Winner must be in the USA
  • Winner must provide address and contact information
a Rafflecopter giveaway

List of Contact Lenses That Can Be Won

Here are some other resources you guy might want to check out!


  1. What a useful giveaway! Thanks so much!

  2. this is great i go through boxes of contacts this would really really help me :)

  3. Ugh! I have horrible vision, I'm probably legally blind! lol I need new contacts now because my prescription just changed so thanks for doing this!!!

  4. I just realized I didn't provide conact information:

    Thanks :)


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