Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Princess for a day

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Outfit Details
Corset: Fredericks of Hollywood
Petticoat: Borrowed :O)
Necklace: The Marilyn LuxeCraving
Headband: Target Gifted
Heels: Seychelles "I DO" (Thank you Aldean! )
Earrings on Heels: H&M (on sale right now!)
Nail Polish: OPI Swimsuit...Nailed It (got it at Marshalls)
The Team behind these pictures!
Photos: Stacie Frazier
Make Up: Kathryn Ludens 
Hair: Rachel Bates 
Styling: Me!

You can imagine my excitement when I met with Stacie at Hauteshots and began brainstorming for our next photoshoot! We thought about the holidays and we envisioned exactly this...Stacie has more pics up on her blog and a little behind the scenes of this "dress" and the set up! I had so much fun styling this shoot....and let me tell you...I didn't want to take it off! I was waiting for a horse drawn carriage or something...unfortunately that didn't come...but man did I have fun...I am wearing my favorite necklace from Luxecraving...and in case you want to get you one..Selena is having a 20% sale for the get you a Mariyln necklace and wear it with EVERYTHING like I have :O) 
I am also wearing my newest finds from Seychelles...I LOVE these shoes...and if I had these on my wedding day I would have worn them...but I didn' I am wearing them now...I added some earrings I found at H&M as I thought they needed to sparkle...I can't say enough about Seychelles...I always tell everyone if I had to describe myself using a shoe would be Seychelles....hop on over to their site and you will see what I mean...Vintage inspired, edgy, classic, quarky shoes...that are always comfortable and always the star of the show...haha no..I am not sponsored by Seychelles...haha I just have a slight crush...
Lastly a lot of you have been emailing me asking about boudoir photography. Valentines day is around the corner and some may want to take some pics for a beautiful lookbook of your own...check out Stacie's blog HERE, she has created an online book on how to be a boudoir bombshell, I know right...GENIUS! haha but I know lots of you have questions so I am going to create some Q&A's and try and answer some of your questions. You can email me at and I will do my best to answer! and if you are coming to Vegas or live here, book your next session now so you can get in time for Valentines Day! Tell them Shana from Colorblind sent ya...and she's hook ya up! 
Keep a look out for our behind the scenes video of our Naughty and Nice Boudoir session! 

P.S. I couldn't help but remember all who lost their lives in the shooting in Connecticut...the day of the photoshoot is when we found out...and we were all completely devastated...all the little girls dreaming of being a princess...I am still in shock..and pray for all the families...

P.P.S. Today marks what would have been the 35th anniversary of my mom and dad....their love was one of a kind...and my mom was the true princess...she used to tell stories of how everyone in her small home of Haifa in Israel would call her the princess of her city...I know my dad misses her do we....Happy Anniversary.

Love to all


  1. Wow so gorgeous!! Love the photos.
    Must have been so fun, you look amazing!

    New follower from The Pleated Poppy!

  2. OMG...I love Seychelles as well :) Wish I had more pairs from that brand. They really are amazing. Speaking of amazing...these pictures came out so good. You're so photogenic :) And beautiful!

    PS. I'm glad you brought up the Connecticut shooting in such a delicate way. I wanted to talk about it on my blog but I feel so guilty writing about it when I'm all smiles in my pictures. It's such a tragedy and I am literally speechless.



  3. So beautiful, and I'm completely obsessed with those shoes and necklace :)
    xo TJ

  4. In response to your should totally get Mac Rebel! It's a lot prettier in person. It would look great on you :)

    xoxo Azu

  5. What a GORG photo shoot! You look fabulous!

  6. SHANA! I love seeing your on going transformation. You look amazing! so inspiring! That is why I nominated you for this it out love.

    Happy Holidays!


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