Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bubbles and Tuxedos

Outfit Details
Tuxedo Jacket: Thrifted Savers
Pink Bubble Necklace: C/O Blue Bird Bride
Hair: ME!

Posts have definitely been a bit more sporadic as the year is coming to a close..sorry for that...they have also been pretty random.. These pictures were taken last month pre- cut and color of my hair! Christmas weekend was so much fun but the hubby and I both agreed that Christmas is waaay cooler in Alaska...near the North Pole and all the snow we could ask for. We missed the family this year, but we were able to spend some much needed time with my family. 
 Is anyone else having anxiety about time...anyone? Is it just me? I find myself waking up in the morning with a lump in my throat and a weird fear of lost time...I have been kissing my pups a little harder and squeezing my cats until they squeal .I almost bit my husband on the cheek! What the heck! What am I going to do when I have actual human their leg! ok..I just want to clarify I do not and will not eat children...just wanted to make that clear...but labs ears...haha anyway enough with my creepy I bite my pets talk...I am super excited for 2013 and completely terrified...My list of I WANTS is getting a little ridiculous...anyway...
I am watching FRIENDS right now as if it was the first time I saw it...does anyone love this show as much as I do? The first year I met my husband I didn't have cable so we just watched episodes of FRIENDS...for 1 YEAR!...haha never gets old I tell ya...ok...hope you guys are doing well and that you are just as anxious about time as I am...cuz then maybe one of you can give me some advice!


THANK YOU to everyone for making me laugh and smile everyday! I love reading every comment and will always do my best to reply!
Love Always,

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