Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sequins, Diamonds, and Ms. Pink Fabulous

The entire look. 
Walmart sweater $14!!!
Calvin Klein cords
Maurice's boots
Michael Kors purse 
Thrifted Rachel Zoe pave bracelet,
 Luxe Craving Arctic Freeze 
 Michael Kors bag from my bestie 

Hi ! My name is Selena and I have a youtube channel called Ms. Pink Fabulous, I also just opened up an online jewelry boutique that offers affordable, hand selected unique and beautiful pieces from all around the world. You might have seen Shana wearing my Marilyn Necklace or Arctic Freeze bracelet in one of her most recent outfit posts! I met Shana through Youtube and discovered we have similar addictions to all things thrifty and vintage...I grew up thrifitng and going to yard sales with my mother, similar to Shana, and I have always had a passion for fashion and LOVE to play dress up! After watching many fashion hauls on YouTube I wanted to show girls they don't have to spend a bunch of $$ to still be fashionable and wear designer duds...I love that Thrifters Anonymous exists...and I am most certainly a member! haha 

Here is my most recent video where I show you some of my Fall Finds! Don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel..and most of you should be subscribed to Shana's! Look out for some future collab videos and guest videos on both of our channels! Thanks for having me and hopefully I will see you soon!


  1. Very pretty ensemble. Thanks for the great inspiration!!

    See you on Monday.

  2. Really pretty outfit!!

    Carsedra of:

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  4. love that video! Her sweater is to die for and for 50 cents!!!! & love that belt!

  5. Once you've made your design, it's time to actually make the ring.

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