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Hi everyone!
My name is Claudia Aquino.I am a Personal Trainer at the Las Vegas Athletic Club and owner of Body Revision by Claudia! I specialize in Competition Training as well as weight loss, muscle gain, conditioning... 
I am also Shana's personal trainer and coach! I met Shana over 10 years ago when she was wanting to get in shape for college! 10 years later I found her working out at the same gym when she asked about training for her first competition! What an incredible transformation she has made and will continue to make...and thank you to all who have supported her along the way...I know she always gets questions on supplementation and how to start an eat clean I thought I would share some of my quick tips and what I had Shana do when she started training!
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Top 5 Supplements

A good multi-vitamin Without proper nutrition your body will search for nutrition and keep giving you hunger signals ...
2. L-Glutamine An amino acid that helps muscle break down while dieting or training hard. Also helps with muscle soreness
3. BCAA's balanced chain amino acids
Also prevent muscle break down while dieting
4. Calcium Magnesium and Zinc
Feeds your bones, natural muscle relaxers, helps with immune responds
5. Vitamin D Feeds your bones, helps keeping you healthy, immune booster...
Top 5 Tips on how to start a clean diet:
1. Start by taking all the "dirty" foods out of the house!
2. Sit your family down and ask for their support
3. Buy enough healthy foods for the week to keep you from running into the store
4. Be prepared!!!Cook ahead and weigh and portion your meals!
5. Don't go shopping hungry
And last but not least....forgive yourself of you slip...
Hope that this will help you start on the right track! Shana will be updating her routine soon, her youtube channel..and we will be giving more advice as she makes her way to the stage for a second time! 
Thank you again!
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THANK YOU to everyone for making me laugh and smile everyday! I love reading every comment and will always do my best to reply!
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