Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bright Tights & Fall Finds

Hi everyone! I'm Chrissi from over at Fiery Finish, and I'm so excited to be guest blogging here on ColorBlind! I've been a serious thrifter for the past 15 years and recently opened up a vintage clothing and accessories shop on Etsy called Fiery Finish Vintage. Hey, it gives me an excuse to go thrift shopping every week. Like I need to pretend like I need an excuse...this is the home of Thrifters Anonymous!

I thought it would be fun to show you some of my favorite fall thrifting finds. Now fall is the one season of the year when I find myself gravitating toward the color brown. There's just something about the cooling weather and changing light that just calls out for earth tones! If you've ever been to my blog, you'll know that I can't just put together some earthy colors and call it a day. There must be some bright tights to finish the whole look! 

What would I do during the fall months without my bright tights? I'd rather not have to answer that question...

I found this vintage secretary dress at Buffalo Exchange about six years ago and I get so excited to bust it out every autumn. There's just something about the cut and the tiny polka dots that make it a perfect layering base. Here I decided to keep it simple with a jade green snakeskin belt I picked up at Goodwill this week ($2.99!) and my trusty mustard tights. The shoes were a clearance find at Payless last summer and really seem to go with just about everything!
For my second look, I decided to keep it a little more casual. Flat brown boots are an absolute fall basic for me and I scored these beauties at Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn a few years ago. They've been through one resoling and are still looking great! My brown vintage top and J. Crew wool cardigan were both Goodwill finds, and the cute plaid H&M shorts are from Buffalo Exchange. And what could give this outfit a little extra pizzaz better than these burnt orange tights? 

My rule for buying new clothes is to always check the thrift stores and second hand shops first. With just a little extra effort you can save so much money, and with all that saved money you can buy more clothes! Or an amazing dinner out! Or go to the movies! The possibilities are endless...

Love ,
Fiery Finish



  1. I love the bright yellow tights with those heels<3

  2. Loving those boots and bright tights!

  3. OOh do come and show this post off at the frugal fashion show !

  4. I love the first dress, and I want tights in the same colors as you have. So lovely! Thanks goodness for thrifting.


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