Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Get Tall


Outfit Details
Skinny Jeans: Marshalls
Booties: Marshalls (Retail for $125 I got them for $30!!!)
Bow Tie Necklace: F21
Diomond Bracelet: Luxe Craving
Vintage Gold Watch: Thrifted Savers
Hamsa bracelet: Brandy Mellville
Vintage Polka Dot Top: Thrifted Savers
Coach Bag: Gifted from a good friend...seriously LOVE this bag...

We traveled to Arizona this past weekend for the hubby's little brother's wedding. It was such a beautiful wedding and great weather...I love leaving town sometimes...it just helps you get motivated or at least gives you a small break from the everyday stress...I also like bringing clothes I haven't worn...or shoes that have just been sitting around...I know..it's becoming a common with me...I was feeling a little like a giant in these booties...but man do I love them...I just love seeing everyone's face when I walk in a room wearing these things....they look at my heel...they look at me...then they look at my heel...and then they look at me...YES....I can walk in these...and YES I am aware they are the as tall as my forearm is long...one of these days I won't be able to wear heels like this...so I am making the best of it...red lipstick...heels...and polka dot blouses with bow tie necklaces...

I'm off to make a few phone calls to best friends on the East Coast..I worry about their safety and what is to come with this weather...I felt somewhat sad that I was enjoying the sun rays while many were running for shelter...I send my prayers to all of you who have been affected by the storms...lots of love...


  1. I often take a trip as a reason to wear things I haven't worn at all or as often.

  2. I'm terrified for the people on the East Coast! I would be so scared to be in the middle of a huge storm like that. HOpe you're friends are safe, doll!

    You look really pretty with your hair like that, btw. Oh, and what lipstick are you wearing? I'm about to buy my first red lipstick in years. I'm looking for a rich, deep hue. Yours fits the description. :)

    xoxo Azu

  3. Love this outfit! The bow necklace is really cool!

  4. Super cute top, and I love the shoes! so cute.

  5. GRAT outfit! I LOVE your bag!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  6. Cute look, I really like those boots!!!

    Carsedra of:



  7. You look amazing like always and love the top. Great boots too!

  8. I LOVE those boots! The whole outfit just looks perfect!


  9. Oh man, I couldn't walk in heels that high--but if you can, that's great! They look amazing. I have to stick with flats for me, though!

  10. LOVE your blog. Your newest follower! stop by sometime! xoxo singlemomsmiling.blogspot.com


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