Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Diamonds and Camo

Outfit Details
Camo T-shirt: Old Navy Men's Section
Tuxedo Blazer: NY&Co Thrifted Savers
Pleather Panel Leggings: Marshalls (This Thrifters Anonymous trip)
Heels: Marshalls
Chain Necklace: Thrifted Savers
Diomond Necklace: The Marilyn Luxe Craving 
( I am supposed to wait to wear this for an upcoming shoot, but I can not stop wearing it...with EVERYTHING...LOVE...haha )
White Dog Hair: Belongs to Sophie my white lab...haha

HI! Look I am wearing clothes! yeah...black again...crap..I didn't mean to do that....I was so excited to finally be able to coordinate with my hubby to take some pictures!!! These weeks have been packed...anyway....I told myself that I could get away with a camo t-shirt and pleather paneled leggings to work if I wore diamonds and a tuxedo jacket...haha Somehow no one really said anything...anyway..

Let's talk about this necklace, shall we.....I haven't removed this necklace from my neck since I got it from Selena of Luxe Craving....Not only is she my long lost Sister of thrifting...if you haven't checked out her youtube channel you are missing out...I SWEAR she finds the same stuff I do!!! We would be in serious trouble thrifting together...haha but she has opened a new jewelry store...and I am literally drooling over each piece...I never thought of myself as much of an accessory person...like if I saw a cute necklace or ring I would get it...typically from forever 21..but lately there is something about a substantial statement necklace that just makes me giddy...this piece weighs a little bit and just makes me happy...I am planning on styling it for an upcoming boudoir shoot! 
Anyway..I miss you guys...I miss PE...and I really want to revamp my blog..so any suggestions would be fantastic! 

P.S. Speaking of new blogs, Stacie of Hauteshots boudoir photography started a new blog! Her weekly wrap up has me wondering about this American Horror Story? Do you guys watch it? I also must try the lip tar stuff she is talking about! anyway , check her out HERE!



  1. Hi Shana! Great outfit- and so creative! I love that you are challenging the business wear stereotypes! The necklace, the pants , jacket, your hair and makeup- all are gorgeous!

    Thrift and Shout

  2. I love it! I'm not a camo fan, but I really like blazers, it just seems to make any outfits greater! Love the leggings too :)

  3. I love the details of the whole outfit!

  4. Shana! I haven't commented in FOREVER.

    I love this look. It's very well styled from head to toe. Even your hair is just so cute!

    xoxo Azu

  5. Those pants are fabulous!! I've got to get to a Marshalls!

  6. Those leggings are H-O-T. Great find on your fashion haul. Thanks so much for stopping by Monday Mingle and showing off your style.


  7. I have got to get some pleather leggings in my life!! Sooo cute!

  8. Wow, I am seriously in love with every detail of this outfit!

  9. Looking great babe, those pants are awesome, the camo tee is adding charm to your black dress, you have nicely paired it with these heels, simply amazing.


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