Friday, September 14, 2012

September 10, pictures

WARNING: I am about to vomit my wedding on you...if you are not partial to weddings, myself, or just plain happiness, I would definitely click out of this post and visit another blog...haha I was going to split it into two posts...but heck..I haven't posted all week, and it's my blog! haha 
Love you guys! 

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....and out of 4,543 pictures I only chose 347 haha you guys are lucky I actually couldn't find one of the this is all I had haha It's like I wanted to SHOW you my wedding...there are a few bits missing in case you missed kinda get the gist...haha we celebrated 6 years on Monday and I can't believe how fast LIFE is going....We wait to get here and the poof....gone....I miss family who is no longer with us and friends who are far away...Most of what you see was hand made by myself and my family and friends...thanks to John Michael Cooper, these are some of my favorite if I could find the video I will not only need a new box of tissue but someone better remove the 3lb bag of almonds by my side!

Happy Anniversary to my love...what you don't know is in this last picture we were dancing until 3am...with a handful of friends around us we were officially kicked out of the reception least I got my moneys worth! Hope I didn't totally scare you away with all the pics! Hope you are having a great Friday!!! Will be posting lots more of workouts and diet on my instagram if you wanna follow! @colorblindblog 

P.S. I also discovered that I need a new blog layout....I couldn't even fit the pictures on my post! haha I never really intended for this to be much, but I am not realizing I might need to upgrade. Anyone have any suggestions? Referrals? anything?


  1. You have an amazingly beautiful family and this wedding looked like loads of fun! Thanks for sharing :) Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary, it was such a beautiful day and you two make a stunning couple!

  3. Beautiful pictures! The one of your dad and you with the veil on totally did me in! I'm such a sucker for weddings!

  4. Smiles all around. Love how everything is happy and in love!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  5. Happy Anniversary
    I wish I will look as beautiful as you on my weeding day.
    Amazing pictures, smiley face!!!

  6. Happy anniversary.
    Beautiful pictures! Wish you a long life together! ::D

  7. These photos are really nice...Looks like you guys had such a good time and seems you've managed to stay happy with each other...You looked marvelous dahling....

    Kudos to you for still being determined to stay lovely and slim even six years after your wedding day...You were doing push ups then(as seen in your photos lol) and still doing them now..what what!!!lol.Thanks for sharing and Happy Anniversary!!!!

  8. What a beautiful bride! All these pics were amazing... Congrats on 6 years of happiness! and I pray many ore for you!

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  10. You're a stunning bride!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. I'm a new member of Thrifters Anonymous :)

  11. Amazing photos!
    You're gorgeous Shana :-)


  12. Truly adorable wedding photos. All these pictures just made me smile. You know we also would be marrying soon at the garden Chicago event space and will have a bohemian themed ceremony. Feeling so nervous but excited at the same moment.


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