Friday, September 07, 2012

My Hair

I wish I could tell you my hair always looks like this...but that would be a lie...then again...that would also mean I actually washed it and styled it everyday..I don't...and I get so many questions on how I style it..what products I use etc etc...I have never really felt like I did anything special so I just never really posted anything about it...but I thought I would start a small series on my hair...when I was I believe 16 or 17 I donated 7 inches to locks of love....I am so thankful to have my hair and I often feel naked without it...I know..the irony of this picture haha I am no expert and I am sure I do a few things wrong...but you guys asked so I will tell you what I do and Moroccan Oil...but for can learn a few tips from an expert over HERE at the Haute Shots Boudoir Photography blog. Get some tips on long luscious hair..and if I can give my 2 cents...just don't wash it...haha you will get so many compliments....try it...haha and to make this the comments below tell me what some of your favorite products are? how often do you wash your hair? and next week I will share some of my favorites...and perhaps I will attempt a video! haha

Have a lovely weekend my thrifty friends and I am hoping to get to more outfit posts and a haul video from this Thrifters Anonymous trip! I have found so many Fall excited!


  1. my hair tips: to really hold curl, I wash it the night before and let it dry over night. then i use Dove Extra Hold hairspray before and after each section of curls. I have super thick hair and it holds so well without looking crusty.

    Shana - your hair has always been beautiful!

  2. Such a beautiful picture, I love your hair!!!

    Carsedra of:

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  4. Here's my secret: Wigs! A different one every day!

  5. I agree! Your hair IS always gorgeous. And to think, you never wash it! How gross! LOL. Joking, I wish my hair looked that good when I didn't wash it!


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