Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Antiques, a Date, and a Crochet Maxi

Outfit Details
Crochet Maxi: Marshalls they are on sale now!
Wedges: Marshalls: I got these a couple of weeks ago, on sale!
Vintage Dooney: Thrifted Dress for Success
Vintage Scarf: Dinosaurs & Roses
Bracelets: Vintage, Thrifted
Locket: Shop Ruche

The hubby and I had a really nice weekend...we were finally able to get out for a bit...and when I say a bit I mean 3 hours of crazy fun before we started yawning and realizing that we were exhausted. I hate that the only time I have in a day is from 8pm to 11pm...so if you wanna hang that is when we can hang...just sayin...ANYWAY...I was super excited to get out to Boulder City...one of my favorite places to go when the sun is setting...We always stop at this Antique shop...displayed outside are vintage lawn furniture, frames, and well basically EVERYTHING I need to complete my very eclectic home...The couple that owns the store spotted us taking pics and were thrilled that we were so excited to be there...too bad it would have been obvious if I had stolen one of those frames...haha Next time I am going out there to buy something! They also had a festival going on for one of the bars and were playing music outside...the weather was perfect and I wanted to dress up a little...by this I mean put on a dress... haha and after seeing these pics I am super thrilled I am getting my hair done on Thursday..what color IS my hair anyway? haha oh and thank you hubby for the pics..half the time I didn't even realize he was taking them!
Funny story about this dress...6 people including a man who stopped riding his bike just to tell me how gorgeous I looked...haha one man actually stopped me and said I was the best dressed women he had ever seen...yeah I know...it wasn't exactly the Emmy's but I was feeling pretty...and shouldn't you feel pretty on date night? You should also make sure to get your fortune told by Zoltar and find yourself with a Zagnut...and old fashion candy.....I only hope that we can do it again soon...



  1. OMG! That dress is super gorge!! I need to head over to Marshalls and get one. Lol at the guy that said you were best dressed woman he has ever seen. Thats such an awesome compliment!


  2. The crochet maxi is SUPER GORG!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  3. Oh wow... I was actually having one of those grumpy days. But your positive energy just brightened me up immediately. I love your style, curves en therefore blog milady!

  4. You look gorgeous indeed, and I have to agree with that crazy man haha.. Love the dress, the color, fit everything is perfection!!

    I love those lil shops, how nice it's still warm enough where you are to wear just a maxi, fall is fast approaching here in the midwest!


  5. Love the look, and the dress.


  6. wow, amazing dress, you look stunning
    so jealous of your antiquing extravaganza!

    xo Jessica

  7. The dress is beautiful and the color is gorgeous on you!! No wonder they stopped and stared. I love the bracelets too. You and your hubby (I assume?) are adorable together.

  8. You look so beautiful in that color! Love it! Oh so I saw that same bag at Goodwill and I totally thought of you :)


  9. You are beautiful and that dress is amazing! LOVE!

  10. Love the dress! I have a crochet dress sitting in my closet that I've been waiting to wear. I'm waiting no more!

  11. this dress is fantastic! I have a similar one but in nude colour.
    very versatile and feminine, don't you think?

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

  12. Very good color on you. You look fabulous!

  13. What a gorgeous dress! I love royal blue on brunettes. Isn't it the best?
    Also love your paparazzi-esque photos.


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