Thursday, August 23, 2012

I've got zebras on my skirt

Outfit Details
T-shirt: Look my Old Navy T-shirt haha
Skirt: Thrifted Savers bought it during this trip HERE
Heels: Stuart Weitzman Thrfited Savers bought it during this trip HERE
Vintage Purse: Hubby's Grandma
Necklace: Hubby's Grandma
Sunnies: Michael Kors Marshalls long time ago

Sorry I have been a little MIA..we just got back from our short film premiere last night!!! It was so much fun...such an honor...and quite frankly...I now wish I had really pursued all this junk like 10 years ago...but that's life don't know what you want until you realize what you want...and that usually happens 10 years after you shoulda done it...ah well...I have so many pictures to share with you guys..we also went camping last weekend..haha yeah you heard tents or anything...but it was pretty rough...I mean...I didn't shower for two days AND we went fishing...haha good thing I brought my great Old Navy t-shirt...don't worry...I bought like 6 other colors so I might retire this one...I wonder if I can keep getting away with it at work...haha when my hubby saw me in this outift he went "umm are those Zebras on your skirt? hey! you wore a t-shirt to work, women get away with everything!" He is soo right..if a guy wore a t-shirt to work..haha not good...anyway more pictures...actually TONS of pictures to please forgive me! 



  1. Safari is so in and I love this print! Gosh your legs are incredible!

  2. love the zebra skirt ... and as for the t-shirt ... your love is so strong for it that I had to get one myself just to try it and I love it too!!!

  3. So fly! I love the whole outfit! I think the O.N. tee is awesome sauce. Just sayin'.

  4. Nice look!


  5. I love how you take this skirt, that I probably would have skimmed over on a rack, and classed it up to make it look work appropriate.

    Thank you for the inspiration.

  6. Dont have take the tee out of the rotation! I love how youve been styling it :)

  7. Fun skirt and I love that you paired it with the gray tee and red bag!

  8. So cute! And your hair is GORGEOUS!!!!

  9. I love the title of this post. I was actually surprised to see you DO have zebras on your skirt! LOL. You wear it well and looks great paired with the gray tee! Stopping by from WIWW.

  10. Yes, yes you do have zebras! Loving the red bag your caring :D Precious!


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