Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Break Dance, Polka Dots, and Pits

Outfit Details
Top: Thrifted Savers
Skirt: H&M (Gifted by one of my best friends Dawnya, of Everything Nonsense!)
Booties: Thrifted Buffalo Exchange
Blue and Gold Cuff: Vintage Hubby's Grandma
Silver Studded and spoked bracelets: F21 and Hottie

Well, I have been on a small break from working out and eating clean...6 days and 22 hours to be exact...I did do some cardio but I officially went back on Monday. I have been working on editing the videos and pictures of the competition and will be posting this week! I am continuing on my 8 week challenge, I am on week 7 I will keep you guys posted...I must say...last week was the toughest week I have had this whole taste buds, my emotions, my feelings towards certain foods...they have all changed...and let me tell you...getting back to the gym has never felt more amazing...I have some work to do but I am so ready for it...I was also ready for the rain and the amazing sunset it brought with...Vegas has felt like a sweaty arm pit...and while I have never had the pleasure of being sweaty pits...I imagine this is what it would feel like. I put on a pair of jeans and they stuck to my my upper lip was that is when you know it is bad...haha anyway enough about sweat and pits...go link up to Thrifters Anonymous to win a $50 Gift Certificate to SAVERS! You guys are linking up some awesome stuff...and keep posting to my facebook!! Love everything!!! kinda making me want to go back...but I will save it...

P.S. Umm thanks to you guys I totally made it to week 2 of the American Eagle Campaign!!!   and didn't even realize it..So voting has started again for Week 2!! Any help I can get! Just click the link and vote!! I'm wearing the AE Boyfriend Jeans from THIS post!
Thank you!!


  1. Oh girl you are SUCH an inspiration to me! You are so fit, fashionable and pretty, such a deadly combination. Keep rocking on!

  2. Youre looking great Shana! Love the skirt :)

  3. adorable look - and you are looking great

  4. You look so amazing, I love your blog!!

    I am following,Please follow back via GFC at

  5. This is a really cute outfit! I love the length of the skirt paired with those boots. I recently moved from NYC to LA, so no more "sweaty armpit" weather for me. That's a major plus!

  6. Awesome look! Your arms are badass! Totally my inspiration for after I give birth.


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