Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Action on Film Festival to LA and back

So, as most of you know...or those who follow me, you know that this past weekend the hubby and I ventured off to LA for the Action on Film Festival in Arcadia California. Our short film Action!Action! was nominated for 4 awards and we couldn't have been more excited to be a part of this tradition...

We drove there and made a few stops along the way. Road trips are great...especially since we are so busy and this was the most time we had actually spent together haha A pit stop to the Mad Greek for some strong coffee and Baklava...as we approached the Santa Anita Race Track, the hubby realized that he had forgotten his shoes...SEARCHING for a Marshalls...we ended up at the long distant cousin..Ross...no disrespect...but Marshall's is where it's at in case you were looking for shoes haha anyway...he ended up finding a pair and we were on our way...

We were super early to arrive at the race track so we took some pics and began watching everyone arrive. From gowns to shorts there was a serious mixture, but that's what I loved about this group...lots of unknown talent waiting to be discovered...haha or maybe it was more like WE were waiting to be discovered...perhaps we were the only unkown...anyway we went to the bar where I allowed myself a glass of wine...and after 3 sips I was feeling good and ready to head over to the red carpet for pictures.

We stepped out on the red carpet and before we knew it we were done...then I had realized that I never actually saw the photographer snap any pics with his camera...WAIT...what happened? I later found out my hubby handed my $80 Sony Cybershot to the photographer..haha I was upset for about 5 seconds...and then we began to walk around...I spotted a dress similar to mine and pointed out to my husband...We quickly made friends with this group and began to stand in line to get some pics with the professional...after standing in line for 20 minutes we realized that Tom Sizemore had officially cut us and they had stopped taking pictures...yeah...haha whatever...were all too happy to have met the group we did and sat down with them at the Winners Circle at the race track...dinner and awards...we had such an amazing time...

While we didn't win any awards we did get a runner up announcement for Best Martial Arts Sequence in a short...pretty awesome considering I had no martial arts training prior...with over 250 shorts submitted..we were among the top 6...and hearing my name announced for Best Break Out Action Star in a short in the same sentence...was pretty freaking awesome...the girl that one my category was on an episode of 90210...haha and I recognized her...cuz I am officially the biggest fan of the show...and for all of you youngins..I am talking David Silver, Brenda Walsh 90210...haha we left the track and headed to my friends house where we were so thankful to stay...Officially the coolest thing we have done to date...and as I told my hubby after all was said and done...as long as you put yourself out there and go after what you want....you will never know if you can be who you always wanted to be...no matter how old you are...or where you are in the world...on to the next chapter! 
Here is a little video from the night!


  1. You should have won an award for being the best looking woman in all of Arcadia. Seriously. And your dress! I loooove it. I saw a similar one from topshop but yours takes the cake :)

    Glad you guys had fun!! You and your hubby look outstanding together.



  2. Wow amazing dress!! You look beautiful doll :-)

    Your blog is awesome. I'm nominating you for the Sunshine Award.

    You can more details on my blog!


  3. Girl!!! The red carpet has your name written all over it!



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