Friday, August 10, 2012


CREW deciding on how to car scene take 2!

That's my hubby...and the guys to the left  flying in the air are our KUNG FU MASTERS of the Lohan School of Shaolin
P.E. (Photographer Extraordinaire) helping my with my gear...She was my fight partner and kicked some butt!!!

My stunt double for the SOME of the car scenes...I had to ride in this X2 and it was CRAZY scary...haha  I did some of my own stunts ;O)

So I had to share, as we just found out that not only was our short film accepted into this years Action on Film International Film Festival...but the nominations are in!!!

Breakout Action Star – Male – Short
Breakout Action Star – Female - Short (That's ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Best Short
Best Action Sequence Martial Arts Short

We are beyond excited..honored...and basically freaking out...haha I mean I have already won...being recognized for something is always an honor and amongst some greatness is even more of an honor. I guess all those nights of learning Kung Fu and being trained by the best here in LV was worth it...While I am far away from my dreams of acting, dancing, and modeling...haha ONE DAY I tell ya!...I was so honored to be a part of this cast and crew...and more hubby who has spent countless hours perfecting this small piece alongside some amazing talent (Just a few pictured above)...ughh so excited!!! I can't post the whole short but wanted to share the teaser above with all of you!!! We will be in Monrovia California in August to see the premiere! For more pictures and to see more of what Black Raven Films is doing check out our Facebook Page! and maybe I will vlog a little while we are out there! Thank you to all for your support! 

THANK YOU to all who were part of this project...and congratulations to my hubby...we told each other we were gonna go for it....EVERYTHING we ever wanted...know matter how old we are or what the odds...Congrats babe.. We are officially ACTION STARS! haha seriously...I wish I had my own action figure or at least a sketch of one! haha

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone! NEXT STOP BIKINI FITNESS CHAMPION! 


  1. wooow, that looks awesome and definitely professional!! you look like a real movie star!! congrats and fingers crossed for the award!! :)

  2. WOW!!!! This is so bad ass. How awesome!!!! How exciting this is. :) You and PE can kick some asses. You look gorgeous and looks like an action star. So exciting!!!! :)

  3. Congrats! That is awesome! Way to go for your goals and dreams!

    Hot Pink Day
    Libi & Lola

  4. Congratulations! I love how you encourage each other to follow your dreams :).

  5. Wow this is great Shana! Many congrats to you-this is quite the accomplishment. And you look hot too-very TombRaider-esque!


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