Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sheer Roses

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Outfit Details
Vintage Sheer Blouse: Thrifted Dinosaurs & Roses
White Skinny Jeans: Thrifted Savers
Vintage Dooney: Thrifted Savers
Wedge Heels: BCBG Marshalls (They are on sale now!)
Bracelets: Thrifted Savers
Lipstick: Wet n Wild!!

My hubby has been on a roll..snapping pictures every chance he can get...and let me tell you..I am not complaining, he is doing such a good job...ughh there isn't enough time in the day to get all I want done creatively...I feel as though my ideas are literally spilling out of my I have recently put together a journal, a day planner if you will...Do you guys remember planners? haha you know where you write in them...and use sticky tabs...and consult your calender and cross of days that have passed, with a pencil...yes a pencil. Well I got me a real nice one in red, and I can't wait to fill it. I believe it is a Franklin Covey and it I am sure it was real expensive...though you know me..I thrifted it for $5. Now...where can I find refills? cuz it ain't 2003 and I have IDEAS!

Slowly but surely working on the SAVERS VIP trip P.E. and I can check out the Thrifters Anonymous Channel here in the meantime...and thank you to all of you for your support on my Week 4 of my road to getting in shape on my Colorblind Fitness Channel here. Oh and get your butts to Marshalls cuz they are selling shoes and they are all under $25...these BCBG were originally $89 and I literally stalked them for weeks...I scored them for I think $25! Ok, hope everyone is enjoying the summer...cuz the rest of us in Vegas are sweating...ALL. DAY.



  1. I can't believe you thrifted such awesome pieces! I have to get back into my thrifting groove.

  2. Gorgeous top! And those photos of you are amazing especially with the sunlight!

  3. I have got to get to Marshall's...those shoes are FABULOUS!

  4. I thrifted the exact Dooney last year for like 10 bucks...haven't worn it yet though...

  5. Dinosaurs and Roses? Are you serious? That is an awesome name for a store! It's soo hot here too but I bet its hotter where you live. That top is gorgeous! What a great score. I once said I was going to make an editorial calendar for my blog but haven't done it yet. Take care woman.

  6. That is a great top and I love the rest of your outfit....xoxoxoxox

  7. I love those shoes! I found you from Kerrie and Virtuous Styls and I will be stalking your page:)


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