Tuesday, July 03, 2012

My journey to get in shape...Week 3

These are just a few of the shots from our photo shoot with Jamie. When she approached me with this concept I was immediately hooked...romantic...vintage...and a chance to be in the water...in Vegas...little did I know what I was really in for...I trusted Jamie and just let go...of any ideas I had in my mind...I think I also let go cuz it was 107  degrees...haha

I placed these pictures with this particular blog post because it is truly part of my journey...my support is my husband...my confidence...well..I was in a freaking bikini people! haha and water....sooo many stories of water.....for me it is a connection to those who I have lost in my life...when Jamie posted this quote above I was nearly in tears..Love you Jamie!!!!....it's so true..I didn't start pushing myself past my fears until recently...and I must say...being scared has never felt so good. Thank you again to all who have sent me messages on facebook and let me know that you have been inspired or affected by my journey...I hope to hear yours..and share in it with you...This past week was awesome...and there is so much more to come!



  1. the photo shoot is beautiful! You are beautiful!


  2. You are absolutely gorgeous!!! I love those photos! Nothing like a little water to inspire you! Seriously beautiful!


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