Friday, July 06, 2012

Me,My Tribe,My Obsession

Backstage of The Tribe shoot - brooklyn, new york
No this is not a post about religion...or "my  tribe" c'mon guys...I am in no mood to get that serious...I AM in a mood to cut up ALL of my clothing though...haha Inspired by tanks that hang low and funky hemlines...I have pieces of t-shirt all over my house because of 10th Tribe!! Most of you guys know I have been obsessed with t-shirts...and if you saw my last Thrifters Anonymous Video HERE, you would see I was looking for more stuff to cut up for my most recent photo shoot for Hauteshots Photography HERE. I have been pinning the crap out of these styles on my Pinterest HERE..first starting with the low side tank all the way to that dress...I NEED that dress...

I almost cut up one of my skirts...maybe I will try it this weekend...I did however cut up one of my t-shirts like this though...

lower east side, new york
I am in LOVE with this flowy T...all I need is a wind machine to walk around with me and I am set...

Based in New York City, inspired by Manhattan, and created by best friends, this collection literally just came out this past spring/summer of 2012...and you guys know me...I mean..when you are a thrifter the timing of a collection means nothing...unless you are stalking one like I am...I am sure that these pieces are going to be a little pricier than my $10 budget...but for those of you who know me, my shampoo is more than my whole outfit!!! 

Backstage of The Tribe Shoot by John Battaglia

I LOVE color and obviously vintage...but I will always be a jean and tank top girl at heart...I know you guys don't see me wearing that very much...but that is what I wear on the weekend...almost Anyway... As of right now you can get your hands on 10th Tribe in store or online at Zaden Row, such a cute shop.that I am also stalking....I might even plan a trip there... you can also find them in Stripe Los Angeles and I Don't Like Monday's...I am sure they will spread like crazy..You can check out there Tumblr HERE.I guess for now I will be re-creating these looks in my living room...stay tuned for a DIY of this T-shirt/dress/amazingness...I WILL be making it...
While I used some for the photoshoot, here are a few tanks I made for our 4th of July BBQ...I changed wear both of them...can you tell I am obsessed? haha I also made these shorts in case I haven't mentioned it a bazillion times..I am just proud I finished a project..

T-Shirt: Thrifted Savers $3.99
T-Shirt: Thrifted Savers $2.99
Hope you are as inspired as I was and am...Have a wonderful weekend friends...and keep a look out for the winner of the Jamie Rubeis Phtoography Giveaway and a new Giveaway coming soon!!!


  1. I'm pretty sure that I have those earrings!

    Loving your DIY projects. You go girl! I could not pull off those sexy tanks, but I am loving them. Especially that black one. Woohoooo!

  2. I LOVE this Shana!! I am soooo doing this! Some of those style won't look good on my short self but I can dream. The shirts...I am doing!!

  3. Love what you did with the tops, the black one looks fantastic! The shorts are really cute too!


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