Saturday, July 07, 2012

Mani & Pedi

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Outfit Details
Hot Pink T: Thrifted Savers
Vintage Belt: Thrifted Dress for Success
White Skinnies: Thrifted Savers
Heels: Jessica Simpson Marshalls
Vintage Dooney: Thrifted Dress for Success
Bracelets: Thrifted, F21
Ring: F21
Airplane Necklace: Vintage my hubby's grandma.
I LOVE this necklace she used to be a flight attendant!!

Do you guys love my manicure? yeah..I did too until it peeled right off a day later...I went with one of my best friends who I NEVER get to see...we laughed and had the best time...except...we are so NEVER going back to this place we went to...though I find myself saying that whenever I go get a manicure. Is it because we are thrifters? Or does it just feel like waste of money..I really do try to enjoy the experience...but I feel like I am analyzing it the whole you missed part of the nail...the massage chair doesn't work...the anyway..I obviously don't know how to relax...OBVIOUSLY. haha I do LOVE this color..and for those who were asking it is actually one of those cheapy polishes sinful colors or something from Walgreens...that was another problem we had with this place...
I told my friend next time she can come to my home, my dogs will lick her toes and I will paint them with my $1 polishes...for FREE! HA! 

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday! Posing in my bikini today...I am SUPER DUPER excited...haha DUPER! who says that? haha 


  1. I love the entire outfit! I'm hoping to one day stumble upon a D&B bag *fingers crossed*

  2. Very Cute look and love the nail color!


  3. Just found you via 2 stylish Kays. I heart thrifting for home goods/furniture, but have yet to be able to pull together a cute outfit at Goodwill (possibly because I never look at clothing...I always b-line for the furniture). New follower...hoping you can teach me ;)

  4. Well Hello to you! I found you through MM and I'm a new follower. Your outfit is just lovely and I'm liking your blog :)

  5. Can't go wrong with white jeans. Great accessorizing. The nails look amazing.

  6. Love the polish color and your fabulous topknot!


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