Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bikini Break

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I promise I am alive. Spending some time resting...this past weekend I competed in my very first and not last NPC bikini competition. I still can not believe I did it...I can not wait to share some photos...a little video I tried to take while in LA and the whole shenanigan experience...as you can see I still have some of the orange tan left on me...haha this was right after I had 8 tater tots for breakfast...don't worry..back to clean eating ;O) My hubby, my sister, and Megan joined me for this and were my biggest fans...I love them dearly and would not have made it without them! Will talk to all of you soon! Thrifters Anonymous Link up will be back up this upcoming Monday with a chance to win a SHOPPING SPREE with SAVERS! So get your thrift on...and get ready to show me what you got!!! 

Love you all!! 


  1. So excited to hear more about this opportunity for you!

  2. Lol @ you counting your tater tots! Looks like you had fun!

  3. Yay bronze goddess! :) can't wait to see the pics how cool! I was going to ask is the asparagus, sweet potatoes, and chicken your dinner for a week or did u have to eat only that ALL day, for a week? I would love to know daily meal plan you've been doing! Glad you got a bit of a break, hooray for tater tots!! Hahaha


  4. Enjoy your break! Cant wait to see pics from your competition :)


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