Friday, June 22, 2012

Walk, Sit, & Shake

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This is what we plan on doing again this weekend after my workout...while we have some plans this weekend...I am going to really try and get some cleaning done...I might even try to take a bath....haha I haven't even used our bath tub in our house...and we have lived here for 5 years...haha I remember during our walk through I was like..."Oh my gosh! I love how the bath tub is next to the window..I could decorate it with candles and flowers"...yeah...NOT ONCE...have I enjoyed it...I am also working on editing our SAVERS VIP shopping event! So excited to share our finds!!! 

See you Monday at Thrifters Anonymous...I might show you guys some pics from our photo shoot with the meantime check her out and enter to win a free photo shoot with her!

Happy Friday and enjoy our first week of summer...while we FRY here in Vegas...105 degrees people...105....haha
Here we are walking the dogs...and being silly...

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  1. Hi pretty girl! LOVE your new (or at least new to me I haven't been by in awhile) profile pic!


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