Thursday, June 28, 2012

See Through

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Outfit Details
Dress: Vintage Goodwill Seattle (I got it during this TA Meeting)
Heels: Paris Hilton Marshalls
Clutch: My Mom's...she had sooo many cute purses!!
Ring: Vintage hubby's grandma 
Necklace: Won a giveaway 

There's nothing better then HOT wind...haha...
oh and discovering that your dress is see through AFTER you have worn it to work...whatever...this dress was all of $3 at Goodwill in Seattle Washington...I loved the stripes and how long it was...and's not an Old Navy that's an improvement haha

Only a few more days to Enter the Giveaway for a FREE Session with Jamie Rubeis!!! Can't wait to show you some more pics from our most recent photo-shoot! Can't wait to see who wins!! I'm glad it's Thursday....another posing class this weekend...This week has been great! Motivating...and I am feeling more "I'm not good enough" Shana here I tell ya...excited to show you some of the workouts we did too! ok...falling asleep while I type...later


  1. i just got into reading blogs a few weeks ago. omg yours is great. dress is veratile church-work-brunch. i wear grey year round.look go forth and continue to thrift!

  2. love ur blog. love versality of dress church-work-brunch. grey works yr round. go forth and thrift!

  3. this dress is fabulous!!! LOVE it and the accessories are great too!


  4. Something looks difrerent about you, I love it!!!

    That skirt was a great buy.

  5. very cute dress and i love it with the bright blue necklace! its really not that see through cos um.. pretty sure the sun is brighter in vegas than in maine... also the crazy windblown hair is amazing! gorgeous as always

  6. Ha! Nothing like giving a show and not knowing youre doing it lol. Who cares though. You look awesome and that dress it amazing!!!

  7. I love that dress! :) You look beautiful. :)

  8. This dress.....I need in my closet!


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