Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Non-Housewife Life

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Outfit Details
Top: Jason Wu for Target
Belt: Vintage Savers
Polka Dot Skirt: Thrifted Goodwill (Got it during this Thrifters Anonymous Meeting!)
Hot Pink Kitten Heels: Enzo Angionni Marshalls (Loong time ago)
Gold Purse: Vintage (This was my mom's FAVORITE purse :O)
Bracelets: Jewelmint, Thrifted, F21
Ring: Urban Warrior Ring Jewelmint

I have come to a conclusion. I do not make a good housewife...and not the kind that you find in Orange County...though I am obsessed wtih those anyone watching...haha that girl who ate part of Heathers cake...haha anyway...housewife...I often hear women talk about their duties...and I have come to a conclusion that I don't do ANY of them...haha in no particular order..

I do NOT Iron my husbands clothes
Do the dishes everyday
I don't always do laundry every week...
I don't re-organize my pantry...
or organize my pantry...
I don't have a list of items we have run out of, so that I can go to the store to get..
I don't have a list...of any items...
My stuff is EVERYWHERE
I don't sleep at the same time every night...
I don't take baths...or use leave in conditioners while giving myself a pedicure
I don't get pedicures...or manicures...
I have only had two massages...and both were extremely awkward...
There are parts of my house I don't go to....EVER....
I don't make dinner every night...

OK. I could keep going...and the other day I actually thought about getting a house cleaner...cuz I went to grab something and a dust cloud lifted from this item...I am so busy doing other things...that I need to HIRE someone to HELP. I'm so embarrassed...I am someone who always thinks...I CAN do it...but am afraid I just can't...and the hubby, the puppies, and the cats...are all suffering...haha so any advice? Tips for leading a more organized life...and or cleaning regularly...I will also take some referrals on someone who can help me do the list above..haha 

Don't forget to enter the giveaway HERE going on right now...We got our head shots back and I love them!!! with some added value family pics...and a few of me and the hubby...I will share with you soon! and THANK YOU to all for your support from yesterdays means so much, Week 2 is in full force!!!

P.S. Can we talk about my Veins...haha I have to bring them up..cuz they are just STARING at anyone else extremely Veiny? haha so gross...ok see ya!



  1. I just adore those pink kitten heels!

  2. first off, the outfit is killer ... love the shoes .... secondly, I am a terrible housewife ... pretty sure my hubby does 80% of everything ( I am very lucky) and as for veins .... girl, I got a ton of them so I know what you are saying!!!

  3. Shana! So happy to find your blog! I am so excited to read more. LOVE the skirt & shoes. You look great! :)

    xo, jill (strasser) johnson

  4. My mom never did any cooking or cleaning. She did hire someone to clean the house "because she could." She really just did not enjoy housework. I dont think there is shame in hiring someone. Either that or break up the tasks between your husband and yourself and go at it slowly. Like clean the bathroom once a week, dust every 2 weeks. MAke a schedule. But it does seems like you have a lot going on.

    love your mama's vintage purse. very pretty.

  5. You look amazing and what a beautiful skirt! Love this outfit (: xoxox

  6. LOL! Honey, I'm biased, I know, but you're funny.

    Pleasantly suffering with the animals,

    Your hubby :-)

  7. I LOVE this outfit! You look so fabulous. I could see myself rocking this outfit too :) It's right up my style alley. I also have a belt just like that in silver. Is it silver? It's hard to tell with the reflection of that awesome top.

    As for cleaning...I don't know if I have any good advice other than to just take a whole day (or two...or three) to thoroughly clean the house. With cleaning you have to commit otherwise it just ends up looking the same after a day or two :/



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  9. This post is hilarious! I just found you via your button on someone's page. This list is totally me. Granted, I get my nails done/do them at home, but I hate cleaning, have maybe cooked 4 meals since my husband and I have been married, I'm completely unpredictable with my sleeping patterns, and I freaking hate putting clothes away. Which leave our room looking like a clothes mountain. All.The.Time.

    I'm always so excited to find another thrifting blog, and am your newest follower for sure!

    The Secondhand Magpie

  10. Don't worry, I don't think any of those housewives do that either!! LOL!! I LOVE the Housewives - sad the OC is almost over - I have enjoyed them this season. That Sara was AWFUL.

  11. This was quite possibly the best blog post I've ever read.

  12. Love your outfit! I just found you on the Pleated Poppy, nice to meet you! I don't do my husband's laundry or iron his shirts and I make everyone in the house be responsible for their own belongings which includes cleaning so...
    Love those shoes so much and that vintage bag that was your Mom's favorite, I LOVE THAT! I just wore my Mom's favorite bracelet in my Monday post. Following you now! :-)

  13. Oh, and the veins, I call them ROAD MAPS! I wear gloves and stockings all the time, to keep people from assuming that after looking at my hands or feet, I can assist them with directions. :-D

  14. LOL. How hilarious is this. It can't be that bad Shana. Afterall, you still have a husband, right!?


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