Thursday, June 14, 2012

Look at my shoes...

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Outfit Details
Tuxedo Shirt: Thrifted Savers
Jeans: Thrifted Savers
Heels: Steve Madden Marshalls
Bracelets/Rings: Vintage (Hubby's Grandma LOVE), F21, Thrifted
Vintage Bolo Tie: Hubby's Grandpa ( Love this so much)
All Pictures were taken by the lovely Jamie Rubeis of

So I don't normally post a ton of pictures of myself posing for the camera haha, I know you guys were like...umm ok Shana...we get it...your happy with yourself..haha Here's ME posing differently in the same outfit haha but these pictures were taken back in February by Jamie photographer crush/obsession...I won a giveaway on Facebook where I got a free session...and was so much more than that...These pictures also represent the beginning of my transformation and journey on my road to feeling fit and healthy...I really felt great here...but boy have I changed...

I wore this big ole tuxedo short to hide in I guess...interesting how we choose clothing based on our feeling...I picked bright colorful shoes so you could LOOK at my shoes...not ME! 

haha oh and by the way, I got these at Marshalls for $30, retail $130 and I don't give them the attention they deserve...I also need to go to Marshalls...anyway that's beside the point..sorry I got side tracked...haha

...I also styled a very large, and amazzing fluffy vintage coat, you know to cover me up...haha I absolutely love the pictures...and meeting Jamie...she is such a sweetheart...her eye for capturing who you are is impeccable...cuz after I saw these I really saw who I was...yes I had make up and waaaay to many bracelets and rings...but it was me...the hubby and I are getting some head shots done this weekend and I am so excited, I'm gonna try and squeeze some pics of the pups too.... 

There is also another reason for posting these here's a hint...Jamie has something to do with a special post for Friday...and I am seriously so excited to announce it that I almost typed it our right here...ughh...but I didn' I will keep you in the meantime, 

 If you missed older posts of some of the other styled photos she took of me you can check out my vintage dress from Savers here, fedora here, vintage coat here, sequins and sperry's here, and floppy hat here...I will also be announcing the Anjolee Giveaway tomorrow too!!!! 

To Thursday...legs and glutes...that is what I will be working on this about you guys?


  1. I say keep posting them! Jamie is a great photographer and you my bloggie friend are a great model :)

  2. I love the outfit--I didn't know you were "hiding", you look gorgeous from head to toe.. I'm really loving the jeans!

    Looking forward to hearing your news tomorrow :)

    Mandi @ the Sassy Fit Mom

  3. lOVING THE SHOES GIRL!! amazing and they look so comfy while stylish.

  4. These pictures are wonderful! Jamie is a wonderful photographer. Do you have any idea what camera and lens she used? And I love your shoes (the color AND the discounted price!)

    -Stephanie from Chocolate Laced

  5. You look stunning and those shoes are gorgeous!!

  6. Amazing photos and you are beautiful. ;) Love the bright shoes with the basic outfit. Cute, cute! ;)

  7. great shoes, love it
    i love your blog, i follow you rigth now

  8. I love everything about this. The pictures came out so stunning. Girl you are gorgeous. And those shoes...they're everything! What an awesome price for them too!

  9. You look BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Love the outfit! I am visiting from the Pleated Poppy link up and I am a new follower! Hope you will stop by and do the same.

    Robin @

  10. i love these pics!! and your outfit is so effortless and chic. you look great!! love the shoes ;-)


  11. I love these pictures. Your hair and makeup are fabulous, and those shoes I need, lol.


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