Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Colorblind Fitness: Week 1 #8WeekSELFChallenge


Week 1: Video Log i.e. VLOG :O)

  DSC06512 DSC06513

Reverse Hack Squat
  DSC06519 DSC06520

Good Mornings & Front Lunges
  DSC06523 DSC06524 DSC06525

Sumo Squats
  DSC06528 DSC06529

I like to call this the CLAUDIA's what happens when you Squat with her...hahaDSC06531

Leg Extension Drop Sets
  DSC06532 DSC06533

Here it is...ME...12 Weeks into my Las Vegas Figure and Bikini Team training and one week into my 8 week Self Challenge! I was hesitant to post pictures...or even make this video...but after finding IFBB Pro Brooke Mora and talking to my coaches...I decided I needed to share my journey...I will continue to update you guys on my journey..But now for some Glutes and Hamstring focus...
This was a Saturday morning workout! You can watch me doing some of these exercises and talking about what cardio we did after...and a whole lot of me talking in the video below. I started a new Youtube Channel for all of my fitness and eat clean recipes, as not to bore all my Thrifters Anonymous with my journey ;O)
If you want to know what the Las Vegas Figure and Bikini Team is doing you can follow us along on HERE!

This leg workout was the result of just one of my awesome coaches, Bodyrevision by Claudia..She has a special way of getting you to do things you never thought you could...without saying a find yourself cranking your weight up...pushing yourself...wanting to make her proud...Claudia knows her stuff...have you seen her arms? and don't even get me started on her legs...she has competed several times...I often find myself staring at her butt wondering how long it will take me to get mine to look like that! haha
She recently started a blog and has been keeping us on track about supplements, carbohydrates, and more...please visit her and ask her questions if you want to..I heart her

I will highlight some of all of our coaches each week...our workouts...all different..all kick my butt...can't wait to show you what we did last night...let's just say...picking up my cell phone is not applicable at this moment...haha

Happy Wednesday! XOXO

P.S. I have created a new Youtube channel, Colorblind Fitnessl! I will begin to post these kinds of things on there! You can follow along if you want to!


  1. Thats awesome! You are looking great. Compound exercises and drop sets are the way to go. Pretty much how my training goes. Good luck on your progress!! Though I train hard and am pretty good on sticking to a clean diet, I do not have the discipline to follow such a strict diet in order to compete. So I admire your dedication :)

  2. actually you look thinner,you slim a lot since you decide to

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