Wednesday, June 27, 2012

10 Things

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Outfit Details
T-Shirt: Old Navy...haha I know..I know..
Vintage Scarf: Diane Von Furstenberg Thrifted Goodwill (During this trip)
Pants: Ideology activewear for women
Shoes: Adidas Premium Outlet (on Charleston)
Necklace: F21 long time ago
Coral Lipstick: MAC Costa Chic

1. I wear workout clothes on the weekend even when I don't workout. It makes me feel productive.
2. Whenever I wear a scarf on my head, the hubby makes a comment like "Ok Aunt Jamima"
3. Since I have gotten these pants I haven't taken them off. 
4. I started a new Youtube channel called Colorblind Fitness..mainly cuz all of my Thrifters Anonymous Members were not caring about my workouts so much..I don't blame them, I wish I had more time to thrift! If you can subscribe here.
5. No but really I haven't taken these pants off....I LOVE how I feel in them working I don't have the "saggy butt" as my hubby often refers to most of my workout pants...that's always a good thing right...haha
6. You rarely see my hair down because I RARELY wash it...and by RARELY I mean never...Also, when I finally do..I braid it...
7. All of your emails, comments, and posts on my blog, facebook, and youtube have made this whole experience guys really do feel like friends...and while this awesome giveaway is going on for locals only here, I have more coming up for everyone!!!!
8. This scarf lasted all of 15 minutes, until my make up began to run down my eye from the massive sweat storm coming from underneath this vintage scarf...
9. I just ate 2 packs of gum while typing out this blog...I need an intervention....
10. The Real Housewives of Orange County make me smile... especially with all of the crazy awful things that are happening around us...we can all just sit and laugh...and really focus on why Vikki's new man was missing a tooth....

Here is Week 2 of my #8weekSELFchallenge ! Week 3 is already going to be has definitely been a roller coaster!



  1. ahha love that you wear workout clothes all the time. And yes, my husband makes similar comments regarding head scarves...oh men.

  2. LOL @ Jemima! You have alot of hair lady! You look really cute in your workout gear so why not wear it just to feel productive lol.

  3. Wow- Shana, I really enjoyed your video. You are so honest with your challenges and it's both encouraging and motivating for me as I am on my fitness "journey" :) I've subscribed to your YouTube channel and I'll be keeping up with you! Keep it up!

  4. I am SOOO with you! I also have a gum problem (sometimes I sleep with gum) and LOVE the OC Housewives. Such good tv!

    The scarf is adorable...worth a little bit of sweat! That darn Vegas heat!

    xo, jill

  5. lol! i love the the OC houswives too!! one of my fave shows!


  6. Seriously, how in the (insert f bomb) do you manage to make workout gear look so sexy! Sheesh!!!!

  7. I love the way you worked the scarf into your look. Boho chic! Thanks so much for stopping by Momtrends and sharing.--Nicole

  8. You look like a fitness it!!!


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