Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Skinny on White


Sperry's Thrifted Savers

Chombray Gap Thrifted Goodwill
Outfit Details
Chambray- Gap Thrifted Goodwill
Flower Top- Thrifted Goodwill
White Skinny Jeans- Thrifted Savers
Sperry's- Thrifted Savers
Vintage Dooney- Dress for Success
Chain Necklace- Thrifted Savers
Aviators- Walmart

I never thought I would say this in one sentence...but white skinny jeans...are my new favorite jeans...WHITE...and SKINNY...I LOVE THEM...I have worn them out, to work, to go well...pretty much do anything...Not the best cell phone....since my camera was dead...but we made due...I also styled these babies up a couple of different ways....maybe to give you guys some ideas....or just inspire myself with my new favorite know when you get new stuff and you want to wear ALL of it at once....yeah..that's what I did here....and for the other 3 outfits haha they may not be chic...but boy do I love EVERYTHING that I am wearing haha

To White skinny jeans...flat shoes...and a very cool, relaxed...and healthy summer...I need a vacation..and I am thinking a CRUISE is in order  ;o)



  1. I love the look of white pants - skinnies, long and flowy, doesn't matter as they all look so crisp and sleek. Love the boho top with the pants too. :)

  2. The white pants look awesome on you. I could never pull them off :P

  3. I love this look! The floral and the white pants together is awesome! Keep chewing that gum girl :)

  4. Shana you look AMAZING in white skinnies - so jealous!!! Love how you've styled it with the gorgeous floral top and denim shirt. What a winner for summer :))

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    Catherine x


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