Eat Clean: My Egg White Muffins












In order for them to not get mushy you must remove them from the pan and let sit on a baking rack until they cool down..then place them in zip lock bags, 2 per bag making sure that all of the air is out. They will last all week! No mushy mess!! Also, I did not include any oats in this recipe just egg whites and veggies! Enjoy! I will be re-doing this and updating soon!

So I have been experimenting with different variations..I am 9 weeks out from the competition and I am getting a little bored if ya know what I mean. I will switch back and forth from this breakfast to my Protein Pancakes I posted about a couple of weeks ago. Is this something you guys want me to post more? I have been getting a lot of questions and so I thought I would try and share. I have also been getting some questions on my workout routine...while it is ever changing I will be posting some videos of exercises that I am loving for the week...

Let me know if this is something you guys want to see...I am not quite ready for before pics...but I am just in complete shock...mildly terrified and totally determined at this point...Maybe I will do an update video...? Anyway let me know your thoughts...or if there is anything you guys want to know!!!

You can also watch me make them!
Here is my weigth loss journey and transformation! Thanks for the love!

*** I started a new youtube channel for Health and Fitness, I will be posting more recipes, workouts along my journey! You can follow along HERE on my Colorblind Fitness Channel!!*** 
I will also be updating these recipes and tweaking some of the ingredients! Thanks for all of your support! Love you guys!


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