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In order for them to not get mushy you must remove them from the pan and let sit on a baking rack until they cool down..then place them in zip lock bags, 2 per bag making sure that all of the air is out. They will last all week! No mushy mess!! Also, I did not include any oats in this recipe just egg whites and veggies! Enjoy! I will be re-doing this and updating soon!

So I have been experimenting with different variations..I am 9 weeks out from the competition and I am getting a little bored if ya know what I mean. I will switch back and forth from this breakfast to my Protein Pancakes I posted about a couple of weeks ago. Is this something you guys want me to post more? I have been getting a lot of questions and so I thought I would try and share. I have also been getting some questions on my workout routine...while it is ever changing I will be posting some videos of exercises that I am loving for the week...

Let me know if this is something you guys want to see...I am not quite ready for before pics...but I am just in complete shock...mildly terrified and totally determined at this point...Maybe I will do an update video...? Anyway let me know your thoughts...or if there is anything you guys want to know!!!

You can also watch me make them!
Here is my weigth loss journey and transformation! Thanks for the love!

*** I started a new youtube channel for Health and Fitness, I will be posting more recipes, workouts along my journey! You can follow along HERE on my Colorblind Fitness Channel!!*** 
I will also be updating these recipes and tweaking some of the ingredients! Thanks for all of your support! Love you guys!


Notas de Mamá :

Love this! easy, delicious, and healthy! I will be making this soon! I need to lose few pounds... (I say this while eating popcorn and having a glass of wine). Not a good starting point! :?

Julie Strieter :

Seriously love these posts. I am pinning the heck out of them and trying them out as well.


The Curvy Girl :

This looks SO GOOD!! I cannot wait to try!

Sandy a la Mode :

what a seriously fun appetizer!

Sara :

How do you store these? I made a similar version before. They were good the first day--but got slimy and rubbery the following few days. I just threw them in a plastic bag in the fridge. Do you have a different approach?

His Little Lady :

okay, this looks too good for words!!! making these immediately! :)
xo TJ

mrsjay :

Wow wonderful post...I can't wait to make some of these..No wonder you look so great.Thanks!

Nic :

DOING this over the weekend! these look GREAT!! and healthy ;-)


Miss Delirium :

These are so cute! And they look delicious as well :D

menopauselsupermodel :

I am SO making these for breakfast this week!!! Thanks for the recipe!

Danielle :

How do I store these? Look delicious...

Ally :

These are so creative! Thanks for posting them- I'm eating clean right now, too, and was getting a little bored of my egg white omelettes :) I'm a little late catching up on this- but what competition are you doing?

Ally @ Fever Thrift

Ally :

Sorry for the second comment- I'm wondering about how you keep them. Do you freeze them or just stick them in the fridge? And if so, do you just microwave them to heat em up?

Anonymous :

Can't wait to make and try!

Tracynfld :

Made these for supper last night! Everyone loved them! Will definately make them ahead of time for a quick breakfast on the run. Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous :

I've done this for breakfast mcmuffins...I store them in a Tupperware and pull out one, nuke it for about 20 seconds and add a whole wheat English muffin and Morningstar farms sausage patty for a healthy breakfast sandwich that is quick and easy

MM :

I absolutely loved these, however they turned out a little watery both times. Do you have any suggestions?
I would love to make them again, but wish I didn't have to squish the water out with a paper towel.

Metozoan :

These turned out great! Thanks for the recipe! The video was very helpful too.
I blogged about my version here:

I also tried "mini-muffins", They were awesome.

mom of 3 lovely ladies :
This comment has been removed by the author.
mom of 3 lovely ladies :

Do you think these would freeze well?

MM :

No no no! Don't even try to freeze them! I froze some of my batch and they turned out mushy messes when I tried to defrost them. It was awful. Better fresh for sure!

Shana :

Hey Ladies! Freezing is not good! The key to making them NOT mushy is to let them cool once you have taken them out of the oven and place them on a drying rack as if they were cookies...let them dry out and cool, once they are cool put them in ziploc baggies...make sure all of the air is out and then put in fridge will last all week to next Sunday when you cook for the week again!! Any questions email me at more recipes coming soon!!!!

Shana :

There should be no water in them once you let them dry out...the MORE veggies the more mush.. ;O)

Allison G :

Trying these right now! Very excited! Like you said, getting bored of the regular breakie...I am making some with arugula instead of spinach to see how they are like that!

Anonymous :

Made these this morning. They are fabulous! I added some garlic and about 4 tbl.spoons of shredded cheddar. I will be making these regularly! Thanks for sharing!

Michele :)

Anonymous :

I made these this morning! I am excited to see how they turn out for the week. I didn't have peppers but added tomatoes and instead of spinach in some I used asparagus. I also added basil & Mrs Dash Garlic & Herbs. I hope they are as yummy as they look!

Paige Lafary :

I just made them. Hope they are yummy.

Paige Lafary :
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emily :

Ooo! These look simply amazing! I've been looking for a quick alternative for a low cal breakfast, and these are perfect :)

Debbie Reichert :

Awesome! Just tried it today and love!!! Shared it on my facebook fitness page as well. Feel free to stop by anytime!!! Looking forward to following your blog and you can find me as well at

Anonymous :

What is the calories per egg muffin?? Looks amazing and will be making this morning!!!!

Brooke :

Makin' them right now! found them on Pinterest! Thanks for the tip!

=) Brooke

Unknown :

I stumbled upon this on pinterest and am making them now... can't wait! I put some onion, zucchini, carrot and red peppers, with a little cheddar cheese on a few for the hubby.

Maria C :

Hi, great idea, also really like how you showed each step with pics. Really helpful :)
Just a question- could I make this exactly like you did- except adding the whole egg (beaten) rather than just white?

Danielle Blevins :

Thanks for this recipe, these r so filling and make me feel great all morning!! I put a bit of reduced fat feta in mine. I cook them for 30 minutes because I like my edges crispy ;)

Anonymous :

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Anonymous :

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Whitney Hudson :

I just tried these! Wonderful! Onion, green pepper, tomato, mushroom, and jalepeno!!! Thank You!!

Anonymous :

My egg whites say use within 7 days of opening. Today is the 7th day so I decided to cook them and made these. Do you think tje cooked eggs will last another week?

Shana :

I think the eggs now cooked will be fine!!

Anonymous :

Do u put the veggies first than the two egg white and do u knw how many calories in each muffin???

Anonymous :

Just made these. They are actually deliciously. I have had to avoid gluten, egg yolks and dairy, as of the last few years and so it's nice to actually expand on my breakfast options.

Anonymous :

I do a similar version of this. I put garlic, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach all in a food processor and chop it up. Put them in muffin tins, pour egg whites, put little bit of fat free feta cheese and season with a little pepper. Bake 350 for 30 minutes.

Dale Hirakawa :

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