Chompin Away...

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Outfit Details:
Fedora- Swapmeet Hubby's
Indian tie- Hubby's Grandpa's
Rings- Vintage, Thrifted, F21
Bracelets- Vintage, Thrifted, F21
Tuxedo Shirt- Thrifted (Real Men's tuxedo shirt!)

It is official...I have gone over the top nutso and MUST be stopped. Even my last video got a comment from someone who couldn't watch it cuz I was chewing my 19 pieces of gum like a mad women...I am super excited for the changes in my body...getting healthy and strong...but if I don't get some sugar in this body soon I'm gonna need new teeth!!!!!!!!!!!!! Over a pack a day folks...and yes...we are still talking about gum. Watermelon, chocolate mint, key lime pie, strawberry shortcake....ALL GUM. I'm blowing bubbles during appointments, chomping away on the jaw hurts from all the chewing!!! ughh sorry just had to vent and apologize to all who are close to me who hear me CHOMPIN away..I'm sorry....12 more weeks folks.

On another note...I am finally getting back in the swing of things..and I have some exciting giveaways for all of you!!! To thank you for following my for being awesome...

now...I gotta find more gum...


Jersey Blogess :

hahahaahaha thats great - you look gorgeous!!

Carsedra :

The photos are beautiful, you look great and I love the fedora on you!!

LOL at the gum chewing or chomping rather!!! :-)

Carsedra of:

Brittany@Love Stitched :

ok stop! You are too cute! I Love this WHOLE look and outfit and you are just beautiful! great look!

carrievintage :

stunning hair dear <3

ChristyB :


shopwithpippa :

I just watched the entire video! Very informative and worth the 20 min (plus I was blogging)

You look fabulous and not only are you inspiring me to keep thrifting but also lose some weight!!!!!!!!!

What kind of heart monitor was that?

Berty Morales :

You look gorgeous and the photos are amazing!

Vang :

You look gorgeous in these photos!

Ian Chipper :

I am loving the outfit. Unfortunately I can't wear same outfit here because the people would surely be starring at me. It's like "What's wrong with her? She's like from other country."
Just bad.

K Blue :

I adore this look. Love it so very much.

Amma Mama :

That necklace is EVERYTHING!
You look HOT!

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries :

absolutely gorgeous!

Jill :

These look like editorial photos from a magazine! LOVE. Especially the neck tie.

Nicole Feliciano :

Fab hat and super photos. Thanks for showing off your style this week on Monday Mingle.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin :

What gorgeous photos! Love the necklace!

Faith :

oh this is SO pretty!! great photos - beautiful processing gorgeous outfits. Great job!

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