Tuesday, May 15, 2012

30 Something

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Today is Adam's birthday. Since it is Tuesday and we both have to work, we decided to do something this past weekend. See in my family the only way to celebrate a birthday is to invite your bestest friends and family, put on a little Bobby Brown and New Kids, play a little Win Lose or Draw on a dry erase board and end the night with a little Broom Handle limbo. Ok, maybe that was when I was 10, but that's the way to do it.

The hubby  isn't that into birthdays. A party signifies a celebration of getting old.
But all he wanted to do was hang out with me. I told him that Sunday we could hang out and Tuesday would be all about us...so we agreed that we would gather our closest friends...premiere the his short film and bowl. I was way more into taking pictures than bowling...haha

Happy Birthday Mr. Kilbourn. You may not like parties or celebrations focused around you...but that's ok. Tonight we will eat dinner together even though all I can eat is Tilapia smothered in apple cider vinegar. I will smell your wine and watch you eat cake. We can talk about our plans and dreams for becoming big movie stars and moving to Hollywood to become the new Brangelina. And you will probably tell me how our children will one day play hockey and I will remind you that they will be dancers and hopefully get your hair and organization skills. I love you always Mr. Kilbourn. You are my best friend and I can't wait to do what you really wanted to do...NOTHING....together..Love you babe....Happy Birthday!


  1. Mrs. Kilbourn, you make my heart smile... :-)

  2. Yay to Adam! What a great way to celebrate....I LOVE BOWLING..



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