Thursday, April 05, 2012

STYLE my find

Style my Find

I have never claimed to be a stylists, nor have I ever claimed to be a fashionista...but one thing I have always said is that I can MAKE IT WORK!
 haha thrifting is certainly an art and when you love a pattern but the size is all wrong, or maybe you love the style, but seems to be outdated, you get it cuz you know it will work somehow...except...years go by...and there lies the FIND of the century that you have yet to wear....P.E. and I know this all too you remember her Giraffe shoes from yesterdays video here? She has had those shoes for over a year!

Recently I have received emails from my friends and family asking me how to wear a belt or a scarf they just got...I've also gotten suggestions on styling pastels, fringe, jean jackets....I've gotten so many that I thought it might be kind of fun to start a little feature on this here special day or timeline....

Just send me your idea or an idea and a pic of your find whether it thrifted or not to or post to my FACEBOOK with the subject line stating: STYLE my find, and I will show you how I would style it...

I am not saying you are gonna LOVE it and totally agree..but maybe I will spark some ideas so you can finally wear that moo moo you just loved the fabric of or that "OSKIE" (old) dress you have been staring at in your closet wishing you could muster the energy to wear and not get called a granny...and a little DISCLAIMER: You may still get called a granny...except now you know that others are wearing it too :o)

and in case you wondering how to style a ya go...more to come in an outift post....haha


Can't wait to see some of your finds and or purchases! Who knows...I might actually have a similar item..ok let's face it..I probably do...haha


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