Friday, April 27, 2012


DSC05713 Leopard Skinnies DSC05709 DSC05712
Outfit Details
T-Shirt- Old Navy $5, most comfortable T EVER...
Leopard Skinny Jeans- Gifted P.E.
Purse- Vintage Gifted P.E.
Gold Bracelet- Kenneth Cole T.J. Max
Blue Snakeskin bracelet- Cost Plus
Golf Ring- F21
Hawk Wedges- Seychelles
Infinity scar- Goodwill
Jacket- My mom's

It's Friday and I am rebelling. Yes I wore these pants to work...Yes I got looked at a little funny...and Yes I will wear them again. It's amazing how things you never thought you would wear end up on your body...and not only are you ok with kinda wanna wear it again...Experimenting on this here blog has literally changed my life...and YOU guys are to blame...with all the "Oh Shana I LOVE that granny skirt" or "Shana you look so pretty when you don't wash your hair" haha all of your support and comments keep me going...anyway...along with this skirt...everyone should have a pair of leopard's like you know everyone is gonna stare at you...and you are TOTALLY ok with it...oh...and I FINALLY got my hair done...except the wind jacked it up! 

Speaking of won' t have to stare at my FACE any longer...TODAY is the last day to vote for me as the next Hauteshots Spokesmodel! All you have to do is go HERE...My first giveaway will start today to thank all of stay tuned..I've got something for everyone I think..cuz I love you guys! seriously..and you Thrifters Anonymous members are tearing it up!!!!


  1. LOL! The dont call it casual friday for nothing! Wear those pants Shana!!!

  2. You look really cute, liking those leopard jeans!!

    Carsedra of:

  3. Oh and I forgot to tell you I saw your photos and you look AMAZING!! Classy and Sexy at the same time!! I voted for you!!

    Carsedra of:

  4. How cute are you?? You just make me smile :)

    Fern & Dandy

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