Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Haute Shots Boudoir Spokesmodel Search: Voting has begun!

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Outfit Details
Wearing lots of vintage, Jewelmint and H&M rings, Victorias Secret, F21 Necklace, and Steve Madden Heels
Boy oh guys have no idea how difficult this is for me to post...haha I apologize if I offend anyone...NEVER in a MILLION years did I EVER think I would be saying or even dream of asking you guys to vote for me as a Spokesmodel...but here I am...8 weeks into my Las Vegas Figure and Bikini Challenge, I am posing in underwear...haha it has taken me over 30 years to embrace my body...embrace my ethnic nose and juicy booty....and while I have been working my butt off..literally...I am so happy and truly hope to inspire all of you to embrace what you got...Thank you to all for your support and for voting!!!

Here is how you can help!

(This link will take you to the HauteShots Facebook page where you can cast your vote!)

(Hopefully you decide that my over abundance of props and jewelry made for the best photo shoot...haha I certainly had fun..and I can rock a theme like no ones business ;O) )

(This will NOT enter you in any sort of Facebook application or spam..this is ONLY to ensure that everyone is voting only keep it fair...and to make a little more difficult than hitting the like button.)

Step 4: Pray....haha these women are pray...for me....haha

Love you guys...and thank you again for coming along with me on this journey!

P.S. You will not be able to vote on an iphone or ipad unfortunately!



  1. HOLY SMOKES! Literally! You are hott!!!!


    <3 emma

  2. Amazing shots, love the details and accessories. Congrats on your accomplishments dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  3. Amazing! You are gorgeous! I'll be voting for ya!

  4. WHAT??!!! Oh mah gawd! It's Savers gone wild! Girl you look great!!!! I'll def vote for you. I've embraced my ethnic muffin top. It's a Mexican girl thing.

  5. Oh my gosh Shana, you are STUNNING. You must be SO over the moon how well these turned out. Good luck, I'm sure you'll win! xox Nicole

  6. you are gorgeous and i'm so glad you have embraced all of the things i find most beautiful about you! while i might pour my heart on my blog sometimes... this takes way more guts! :)

  7. what the what?? good for you girl!!! you look amazeballs and absolutely stunning! totally will go vote!!


  8. *taps microphone* Ummm Excuse me Shana, but this is what hides beneath all those thrifted finds???? Chile you are killing me right now! Really Im on the verge of death lol. You are HOT lady!!! *puts jaw back into place* Off to vote!

  9. You look so freaking HOT! I'm voting!

  10. Your gorgeous girl!!! Defiantly a inspiration to me to be more confident with my lady curves and ghettoo booty also ;) GOOD LUCK!!!


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