Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eye on the prize


Vintage Dooney




Outfit Details
Pink Blazer- Vintage Nordstrom Thrifted Dress for Success
Leopard Blouse- Thrifted Dress for Success
Pants- Express Thrifted Savers
Dooney- Vintage Thrifted Dress for Success
Heels- Guess Marshalls
Ring- F21
Necklace- Vintage Thrifted Dress for Success

I seriously can not believe that it has been 9 weeks since I started the 12 week transformation with the Las Vegas Bikini and Figure Team! I am feeling amazing...but completely drained...so many things keep interrupting me..ya know those things...like laundry, holidays, meetings, family....ups and downs...and in between...sometimes I think that if I wasn't doing this program I would have lost it by now! My trainer told me to keep my eye on the top....the view is amazing from up there...and I just really needed to hear that...my other trainer also told me to send her a picture of my butt every Sunday...I started laughing as I thought it was a joke until I looked her and she was staring at me...no smile...SERIOUS...haha and the journey continues....anyway this is me blabbing...
let's talk about what is really important here...like this amazing vintage blouse that has leopards on it...haha who would have thought I would be wearing a blouse with full on animal heads...I think everyone needs  blouse like this...just sayin.

oh and to all who saw my boudoir photos and read this post and have been voting for me...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Voting ends the 27th...so I promise I won't bug you anymore!
 I am going to be doing a few giveaways for all of you to say thank you for your continued support and friendship! Love you guys!



  1. Love that top P.E!!! Glad you didnt leave it behind. Shana that blazer is a perfect fit :)

  2. Oh, dear, the blouse is blowing me over!!! It's such an incredible piece- why yes, yes, everyone should own one like that! I adore the pair with the pink jacket and vintage purse! You're so stunning, and I am so glad for you for pulling through with such challenge! You're awesome!!!
    Good luck!

  3. Wait, how did you thrift Dress For Success??? Shana???? Lol!

  4. Another of my favorites! If you want to get rid of that blazer or those shoes I will take them off your hands, lol.


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