Sunday, March 04, 2012

Time Lapse

Recently I mentioned a photo shoot here, that I won from the most ridiculously talented lady.. Jamie Rubeis...of Jamie Rubeis Photography... We had such a great time...being silly, gettin serious...and wearing EVERYTHING I love...from vintage to new...She has been posting pics of me that she has been working on and this I just had to share...I was mostly happy that I didn't need too much photoshop...haha enjoy!

You can visit her facebook page for more cool shots, she really has an eye for capturing everyone personalities and character...a real talent...and for those of you who live in Vegas...she is always looking for families and most recently seniors to shoot! More info to come!


  1. Shes an excellent photographer and youre a gorgeous model :) This is beautiful!

  2. You ARE a gorgeous model! Thanks for commenting on my thrifted vest. Those were actually tights. Love your blog!

  3. what a great win! And the shots are fabulous, you look beautiful in the pictures



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