Tuesday, March 06, 2012




Vest Express Thrifted Savers

Sweater F21 Thrifted Salvation Army

Seychelles Amazon

Skinny Jeans F21 Thrifted Savers
Outfit Details
Sweater- F21 Thrifted Salvation Army
Button Down- Vintage Thrifted Savers
Pleather Vest- Express Thrifted Savers
Skinny Jeans- Thrifted Savers
Wedges- Seychelles Amazon
Necklace- Thrifted Savers
Bow Bracelet- Jewelmint
Chain Bracelet- F21

ONE MONTH DOWN. So, for those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter or even Pinterest...you will see that I have been posting ridiculous workouts with my new Heart Rate monitor and random recipes etc...I have finished one month of this madness and I am here to say Whoa Mama...I think in a separate post I will give you guys an update...no pictures right now though...I am so happy and excited for this transformation and completely exhausted....but you never got what you wanted while sitting on the couch right? anyway...I am discovering some new recipes that are turning out to be great so and some awesome exercises I will share them in my attempt at a Vlog video and recipe video with the added value bonus of animals...yep...haha

I am also obsessed with colored jeans like everyone else, and I am excited to be able to fit my butt in these F21, Mustardy yellow jeans...cuz I'm not sure I could zip them when I first got them on this trip to Savers here...
See..progress! Here is another silly video from P.E. and I..I promise we won't do another video where the "battery is dying" I mean it really was, but I am starting to think it is like a shtick haha



  1. Cute Jeans!!! They look great next to that fab dumpster :) Why is the color of that dumpster so great forreal!!! Also, cant wait to see your transformation :) I started insanity and had to stop due to a twisted ankle :( Im currently walking it out lol

  2. I loveeeeee everything about this outfit! Literally, everything!

    <3 Nicole

  3. I am so obsessed with your jeans! Great find


  4. I love your pants, new on your blog and i am liking it :)

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