Playing with Neon: First Attempt

Neon Old Navy Top

Scarf Thrifted Goodwill


Dooney Thrifted


Jeans Joe
Outfit Details
Tank- Old Navy
Snakeskin Belt- Old Navy
Jeans- Joes
Heels- Paris Hilton Marshalls
Vintage Dooney- Thrifted Savers
Humanity Bracelet and Earrings- Jewelmint
Infiniti Scarf- Thrifted Goodwill

It is official...I lost one of these earrings and I am PISSED...I really loved these stupid I have one...maybe I will make a necklace...ughhh anyway...just thought I would share.

I also have been obsessing over neon like everyone silly, I used think neon was so ugly...and now I want to wear it with everything! I picked up a necklace that is neon and thrifted a t-shirt I am going to cut up that is neon...I almost bought a swimsuit that was neon...but I went with my trusty dusty blue...once again the hubby does not quite understand the neon trend...but what is new right?

I was thinking I would do a haul since I have gotten a few things from Victorias Secret, Hautelook, and F21...I rarely go to these places so I was excited...I just wish I had more time to do videos and blog...between working out and work...I am literally finding myself with about 30 minutes to dilly dally...I passed a month of my 12 week program...I think I may be ready to reveal a status pic...and maybe some stats...I also have another meal recipe I will be posting this week! You guys are gonna like this one!

Ok...that is all the updates I got.. haha


Julie Strieter :

Wow your face is so statuesque in these pics. You have always been gorgeous but I am loving the cheekbones.

Anywho, neon is a new favorite of mine as well. I love the Spring takes on the colors.


Leah :

Love the colour on you! Too bad about the earrings, they are cute.
Can't believe you're thrifted items too, great finds.

The Curvy Girl :

I love this color combo...grey and neon yellow! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I am going to have to try it now.

That's My Mama :

Ok PE Singing Thrifters Anonymous at the beginning of the video did my heart good lol. Shana, you look adorable! The neon is really great on you.

I love your top and ring PE!!

Mad For Fashion...For Less :

Love this look and your make is just perfect!

Rachel Emma (Daydream Frenzy) :

You pull it off! I love how you paired a gray scarf with it to tone down the neon!


7eventh Letter :

That yellow top is so eye catching! I love it! Its so nice against your complexion as well.

7eventh Letter

Kate :

Ahh! Love you guys! Both of the neon outfits are great (I have yet to try neon!) but you girls are HILARIOUS! Such a fun video, thanks!

Cassidy :

Well fabulous attempt with the Neon! Love the grey scarf too! BTW loving your blog and that your a Vegas girl too :) Now happily following.

lori :

LOVE that neon yellow on you!! i could never get away with that, but it's perfect on your skin tone!

Tiffany :

Love this!! I'm just itching to jump on the neon trend, but haven't found anything I really want to wear yet. This shirt is perfect!

Style Agent 909 :

As someone who's lived through the neon trend TWICE,I must say it's more tasteful this time around. And you're wearing it very well.

Kristin :

That acid yellow hue is perfection!

MissRockwell :

I just wanted to tell you how gorgeous you look!! THAT IS ALL!!!

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