Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Playing with Neon: First Attempt

Neon Old Navy Top

Scarf Thrifted Goodwill


Dooney Thrifted


Jeans Joe
Outfit Details
Tank- Old Navy
Snakeskin Belt- Old Navy
Jeans- Joes
Heels- Paris Hilton Marshalls
Vintage Dooney- Thrifted Savers
Humanity Bracelet and Earrings- Jewelmint
Infiniti Scarf- Thrifted Goodwill

It is official...I lost one of these earrings and I am PISSED...I really loved these stupid I have one...maybe I will make a necklace...ughhh anyway...just thought I would share.

I also have been obsessing over neon like everyone silly, I used think neon was so ugly...and now I want to wear it with everything! I picked up a necklace that is neon and thrifted a t-shirt I am going to cut up that is neon...I almost bought a swimsuit that was neon...but I went with my trusty dusty blue...once again the hubby does not quite understand the neon trend...but what is new right?

I was thinking I would do a haul since I have gotten a few things from Victorias Secret, Hautelook, and F21...I rarely go to these places so I was excited...I just wish I had more time to do videos and blog...between working out and work...I am literally finding myself with about 30 minutes to dilly dally...I passed a month of my 12 week program...I think I may be ready to reveal a status pic...and maybe some stats...I also have another meal recipe I will be posting this week! You guys are gonna like this one!

Ok...that is all the updates I got.. haha



  1. Wow your face is so statuesque in these pics. You have always been gorgeous but I am loving the cheekbones.

    Anywho, neon is a new favorite of mine as well. I love the Spring takes on the colors.


  2. Love the colour on you! Too bad about the earrings, they are cute.
    Can't believe you're thrifted items too, great finds.

  3. I love this color combo...grey and neon yellow! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I am going to have to try it now.

  4. Ok PE Singing Thrifters Anonymous at the beginning of the video did my heart good lol. Shana, you look adorable! The neon is really great on you.

    I love your top and ring PE!!

  5. Love this look and your make is just perfect!

  6. You pull it off! I love how you paired a gray scarf with it to tone down the neon!


  7. That yellow top is so eye catching! I love it! Its so nice against your complexion as well.

    7eventh Letter

  8. Ahh! Love you guys! Both of the neon outfits are great (I have yet to try neon!) but you girls are HILARIOUS! Such a fun video, thanks!

  9. Well fabulous attempt with the Neon! Love the grey scarf too! BTW loving your blog and that your a Vegas girl too :) Now happily following.

  10. LOVE that neon yellow on you!! i could never get away with that, but it's perfect on your skin tone!

  11. Love this!! I'm just itching to jump on the neon trend, but haven't found anything I really want to wear yet. This shirt is perfect!

  12. As someone who's lived through the neon trend TWICE,I must say it's more tasteful this time around. And you're wearing it very well.

  13. That acid yellow hue is perfection!

  14. I just wanted to tell you how gorgeous you look!! THAT IS ALL!!!


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