Friday, February 03, 2012

Goin for it

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Well folks...I did it...I signed up for something I have never done...something that completely terrifies me and I am announcing it to everyone. I thought about keeping it a secret but I am really bad at secrets... haha I am announcing it because I am excited and because I am gonna need all of you guys to get me through the next 12 weeks or even more...I don't normally post quotes but lately I have been a quote monster...P.E. and I had a really good talk today about life...where were in our life..and where we were going...both stressed and scared we realized that there were so many things that we wanted in life and we were wasting our time focusing on all the doors that keep shutting on we are re-grouping and  focusing on all of the doors that are open...we even discussed a few we plan on building ;O)

So, now that I am almost over this cold, I PROMISE more thrifty madness is to come...more videos...and updates on my progress during this journey I am about to embark on...I am completely freaking out, but can not wait to push myself...just the word bikini angers me...haha anyone else with me? haha Hope I could add to some Friday motivation...have a wonderful weekend friends.


  1. This is a beautiful thing -I know you can do it - you sound like you have the drive and motivation to want to do it - those are wonderful quotes and very motivational pics!! I go to the gym daily but Its my eating that screws me up - so the quote that says "if you want something you neer had, then you've got to do something you've never done" really brought it home for me - dang, that gave me goosebumps. I love it. thanks so much - and lets get thru this 12 weeks together.

  2. YEAH! So exciting. You can totally do this and will rock it. I just repinned several of your quotes. I love quotes they really help pull me through.


  3. good luck, I also started working out again now that I'm home. Boxing, yoga and speed cycling seems to be my preference.

  4. oh my gosh, i'd be so scared, BUT what a great motivator, if i knew i had to strut in a bikini that might make me rethink stuffing my face with half a bag of chips or making an excuse not to work out, hahaha!! I'm so EXCITED for you, you can totally do it!! Will you be posting your workouts or what you'll be doing, diet too?? Maybe some of us can gain inspiration from you and do it with you, even if we're not publicly showing ourselves in a bikini, we all want to look cute in a swimsuit by summer, i think you should post how you're going to achieve your amazing body!! WEEE!!
    go girl!!!


  5. Way to go! I am excited to see what you are doing. Bikini is a scary world and I just started wearing them last year for the first time since I was a kid. Motivation is key and take it one day at a time. Since I am preparing for my wedding next month, I have been working out and dieting since Jan 1. Rushfit is what I do (similar to P90X) and totally kicks your butt. Also counting calories is helpful since it holds you accountable for everything that you eat. You will do great!

  6. Wow I'm browsing your site, and this post really struck me. I joined the community gym which is totally free a few months ago. I went a couple times stayed max 30 mins. The last time I went I left my membership card and said I was coming right back, I never went back! I find this post inspiring, I really want to get back in the gym and push myself this time :D

    Congratulations on your commitment.


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