It's taking all I got!







Outfit Details
Vintage Blouse- Thrifted Savers
Button Down- My Mom's
Skinny Jeans- H&M
Booties- Buffalo Exchange
Vintage Purse- Gifted P.E.
Urban Warrior Ring and Starburst Ring- Jewelmint
Long Gold Plated- F21
Necklace- Thrifted Savers

Ok, I am officially overwhelmed...I am finding it rather difficult to be the Ultimate Fighting Champion, a Blogger, a wife, a momma to my pets, and a full time broker...ummm..yeah...and I don't wanna give up ANYTHING. Hmmm..
How do you guys do it!? Seriously...I am going on week 4 of my challenge..and I am so totally embarrassed to put up my before pics...until I have the hottest after pic instead I am filming a couple of videos telling you about my journey, and have some posts sharing some of my new found recipes and work outs that are the best booty lifter and Arnold Arm makers ever...seriously...and you can do them in your living room while watching the most annoying rant of woman who can't get a hint on the Bachelor...and that music...oh the music...why do the women keep coming back? haha umm hi Ben, I know you didn't give me the rose, but I just wanted to know why you dumped me..and perhaps seeing me right now would change it...ughh



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