Wednesday, February 08, 2012

How to "Wu" your boo

Jason Wu for Target



Skirt Jason Wu for Target


Heels Paris Hilton Marshalls

Bag Gifted

Top Jason Wu for target
Outfit Details
Top and pleated skirt- Jason Wu for Target
Heels- Paris Hilton Marshalls
Bag- Gifted
Necklace- Grandma Alda

Well, I caved...and I totally used one of those cheese ball blog titles they say not to use...whatever...I was out the door early on Sunday getting ready for my week...I needed to stop at Target to get a few items and front of the building...were girls running to get into Target....I honestly thought they were running from someone..until I realized...ummm Jason Wu! So I made my way to the section and found myself grabbing any and every piece of the collection...I think I had every piece...I didn't even bother to look at the price...I just grabbed...and made my way to the dressing room..all I could think was...there is no way any of this crap will look good..I's probably cheap material and totally not worth piece went on...the next one went on...and there I was...Wu'd from head to toe listening to a very feminine boy talk about how he is totally gonna rock his cat t-shirt with heels...yep...and that's when I knew...I knew I had to have was a momentary lapse people...I was in love at first sight...and I broke...not only my no thrifting ban....but full, slightly overpriced designer for Target, broke....anyway...

One way to woo your boo is to call them in the middle of the day and mention what you are my case it was a whole lotta WU I didn't mention I bought...get it...WOOOOOO ok I will stop... 


  1. I haven't seen this collection yet, so this is a first for me. Looks very nice on you madam. One day u will look back at these photos and laugh at how big your phone was. By then phones will be microchips implanted in our wrists. Aren't I full of imagination today. Now go Wu your boo and make a baby thriftier. Someone must inherit those clothes.

  2. I love the pleated skirt - it looks lovely on you :)

  3. Can you Wu Wu Wu!!! That would have worked too lol. I love it! The top looks like it will be really versatile. Love your makeup in this pic too :)

  4. I love the pieces!

  5. Boo on Wu, I missed it! I guess I'll have to live vicariously through others' posts.

  6. U LOOK Stunning... I MUST check out the collection!!!! I wanna WU my boo 2!!!! lol

  7. I am sooooo jealous! I wanted that yellow top, but it was sold out! I was lucky enough to grab the pleated skirt! You look adorable! LOVE!! i cam across your blog from Monday Mingle. So glad I did! have a great week!
    Because Shanna Said So

  8. Jumped to you from Glamamom! This is the first time I've seen these pieces on anyone and I love them!

  9. Fun to see the Wu collection styled! I'm playing with color and denim today. You can check out my Monday Mingle post here:

  10. OMG I just say something to hubby and I read it here in your post hahaha made my day. I love that pleated black. You look awesome!


  11. LOVE! Wish we had a Target nearby. This collection looks amazing.


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