Friday, February 17, 2012


This is me all innocent getting ready to find me some workout tops and lunch bags...

This is me all "ummm you have no idea what I just found!!!" haha
Outfit Details
Rain Coat- Geoffrey Beene Thrifted Savers
Wide Leg Pants- Michael Kors Marshalls
Heels- Jessica Simpson
Vintage Sweater- Thrifted Goodwill of SN Neveada
Bag- Gifted P.E.

A quick stop at the Goodwill Superstore on Torrey Pines and Sahara in Las Vegas with P.E.Looking for a lunch bag and workout tops..turned into the most epic trip of my entire life...that's right...see how serious I am in that picture up there...that's cuz...I may have found the most amazing Vintage find EVER...ok I know I am being dramatic...but just you wait....Mondays Thrifters Anonymous Meeting is going to be EPIC...haha my hubby always uses that word...haha

Oh and I also found out that when you wear a rain coat..and its NOT makes this swishy, shower curtain noise...definitely not the kind of jacket you wanna wear when you are lurking....haha



  1. Ohhhh the suspense!!!! lol....Love those pants btw :)

  2. What did you find!!!!??? You can just tell me, I wont tell anyone.

  3. I love your rain coat!

  4. Great raincoat! I actually couldn't tell it was a raincoat... Also, I love the wide-leg pants. And you got it from Marshalls. Score!

  5. That rain coat looks amazing! :) Does not even look like one.

    The Pink Margarita


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