Tuesday, February 07, 2012

3 things I didn't know...

Kimono Thrifted Savers

Belt Thrifted


Nacklace F21

Heels Steve Madden Marshalls

Outfit Details
Kimono Blouse- Savers (I found it during this trip)
Skinny Jeans- F21 Thrifted Savers
Heels- Steve Madden Marshalls
Belt- Thrifted Savers
Necklace- F21
Long Gold Plated Rings- F21
Urban Warrior Ring- Jewelmint
Bag- Gifted Thanks P.E.!

Today was my first day of this challenge, and I learned a few things...

1. I don't eat enough...eating breakfast and eating every two hours is so crucial to keeping full and not eating a whole bag of baked lays and hummus...just sayin
2. I don't drink enough water...did you know that if you drink water you don't get headaches and feel like your gonna pass out after work? ....oh...you did? k well this was brand new information...
3. Did you know that as women we really need to make sure we are taking multivitamins....but not only that...a B-12 to ensure we are not depleting any minerals and all that jazz...I guess if I just took my vitamins I wouldn't feel like I was having a small child by the end of the week...too much information? haha

So as you can see none of this has anything to do with working out...cuz to be honest..I LOVE to workout...I just don't LOVE to take care of myself sometimes...and it's silly but oh so necessary...I got a lot of emails asking if I would share this journey...so every now and then I will share pics...thoughts...and workouts...but I promise I will try and keep it to a minimum...cuz let's face it...outfit posts are WAAY more fun...



  1. this kimono styled top is fabulous! Looks great with a simple and chic belt. That heels has a nice color accent too!


  2. I love this kimono top and your accessories are even greater :) I agree with you on the things you didnt know. Its amazing how are bodies work great when we take care of them, Who knew lol

  3. I'm a huge fan of kimono tops and yours is just so pretty! :)

    The Pink Margarita

  4. Drinking enough water is a problem I battle with every day...sometimes it's hard to stop and take a sip when you are busy! I keep thinking I should try to fashion some kind of trendy camel-back holder that I can wear in public.

    Love the shoes.

  5. Thanks for the reminders ..I really need to start taking my multi vitamins. But geez do they have to be huge horse pills .Uggh!!

  6. Super cute Kimono top! I always shy away from prints like that, but you pull it off amazingly! And the shoes... LOVE!! :)

  7. I like how you styled this kimono, the shoes are cute too!!

    Carsedra of:



  8. Oh, working out and me are not quite good friends either :) LoL... I think this kimono top is one of my favorite pieces you've worn, it's just so pretty and unique! And the bag and shoes totally top it off perfectly! You look like right out of a fashion magazine!!! :) I am now so inspired to pull out (finally) my kimono inspired cardigans I've been holding on to for like a forever... :)
    Good luck!

  9. I LOVE the kimono paired with the shoes!!!! *GREAT LOOK*

  10. The kimono, belt, and shoes look good together. Great ensemble!

  11. Love the kimono top! I have one and I'm looking for new ways to style it. It looks great with jeans.

  12. I love that kimono and the jewelry!


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