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Thrifters Anonymous Link Up! Value Village Seattle Edition!

The Thrifters Anonymous Member of the week goes to Keesha
That's My Mama

Jumpsuit, Belt, Jacket, Bag: ALL Thrifted That's my Thrifters Anonymous Member ;O)
Ok sexy mama...for all of you who know me you know I love my onesies...haha i.e. jumpers and jumpsuits...expecially thrifted ones...and when I saw this classic jumper paired with this white blazer...well...let's just say I was already hanging it on my "this is what I'm gonna wear tomorrow" rack. are one sexy mama and I LOVE this outfit...really...and those shoes...that me just warn you...I will be rocking this look...this don't get mad...I mean why else did I start Thrifters Anonymous but you copy all of you..MUUUAAAAAAAHHHHHHH

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As most of you know, the hubby and I went to Seattle to visit family and while we were out and about...we managed to find ourselves right in front of a Value Village...ok that isn't entirely accurate...It was more like...we walked like 12 miles in the rain to find Value Village...and when we finally got there...we were both starving and exhausted...but I did have a blast...while not buying much, the trying on was a fix for my ever growing addiction..I do regret not getting some stuff but when you travel and thrift you gotta be here we go!

This Value Village was two stories...and had some great stuff...including a vintage section that was NOT a matter of fact..cheaper than the new stuff!



Men's on the second floor, playboy shoes!

What...they didn't have carts people..haha



This was a blazer from the GAP I ended up getting this cuz plaid is my favorite..and it's a plaid blazer...I KNOW!


Didn't get this Asian inspired blazer but pretty..

Here is a special viewing of what happens when you don't bring a friend with you to thrift..and well...yeah..take a look...


I just want you to know that I love you guys..and it is important to show you things that don't work..cuz not everything is amazing at the thrift store..i.e. Exhibit A

umm yeah no..haha


Now...if I actually was like..I really need to find a yellow Elvis suit I would never EVER find one...well folks..Here it is..

I kinda liked the colors of this dress, but I passed, I have too many dresses I haven't worn...

Now, I am regretting letting this go..but I had to be really particular...I have so many projects that I am not allowing myself to get anything I have to reconstruct until I finish the ones I have now!

It's no fur vest..which I still want by the way...but it is a faux fur collar..I got this..

Ok, so as you saw in the first few pics..this Value Village had a Vintage seciton and it was sooo $2 cheap..and this Brady Brunch special stuck out..I pictures it with skinny jeans and stillhettos..I know...Im whacko..but I LOVED I got it..and it's plaid..haha

One thing you will notice is that I tried on a lot of jackets...I was shocked to see so many..then I realized we were in wonder we don't have many's 100 degrees in Vegas! haha


Loved the color of the 80's leather jacket..passed...




loved this raincoat..totally have one and haven't worn no..


Now it is your turn!
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  1. it's good thing that I don't have Goodwill stores here, I would be so addicted. Your stores are vast! Some of the dresses are so funny...heheh. I like the faux fur collar, so adorable!

    Thanks for hosting btw.


  2. OMGOODNESSSSSSSS!!!!! Im officially cool now!!!!! Thanks soooo much Shana for the LOVE. Im grinning super hard over here. Ok enough gushing. Thanks again and have an awesome day :)

  3. I haven't been thrifting since September! I cannot believe that it has been that long. I have a list of things I am looking for so I think it is time to hit the stores again. I usually find that January is an amazing time to go with everyone having just cleaned out their closets for tax deductions.

    Love the fur collar!


  4. I love the plaid vest and blazer! Maybe I should make a trip to Seattle. I can't ever find blazers that fit! :(

  5. I love Keesha's outfit and her blog. Great choice!

  6. Shana thrifting on an empty stomach is the worst! Looks like you had tons of fun ..loving the fur collar and brown jacket!

  7. Keesha's outfit is seriously awesome!!! And I'm laughing here over some of the super-cool stuff you found like the Elvis suit! I mean, that thing is hysterical! :) Aw, drooling over some of the jackets and the fur collar too!!! Oh, yeah....
    Good luck!

  8. I know that Value Village well. It's a good one! Nice faux fur scarf!

    And the Thrifter of the Week is fantastic. The jumpsuit and blazer combo is amazing!

  9. OMG.. I am so jealous. Your Value Village is the The one here in Baltimore is good, but wow that store has some great finds. The one here is a bit pricey. I go on the days where it's half off.

  10. Keesha looks amazing! What a fabulous outfit. I have to go stalk her now.

    So, I had never heard of Savers or Value Village before. But last year, I went to Seattle, and my cousin took me to that Value Village!!!! I had no space in my suitcase, so I only bought two small things. But I was in heaven. It was the most amazing thrift store I have ever been to. After that I totally got why you're such a Savers girl. :)


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