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Thrifters Anonymous Link Up! Seattle Goodwill Hubby Edition and the 50th Post!

The Thrifters Anonymous Member of the week goes to Keren
Two Stylish Kays

Cape- No Label (Value Village Roswell)/ Navy Gloves- No Label(B&R Thrift Store)

Girl, you rocked the outerwear! and yes...we all have thrift envy...I got myself some gloves like that...but that cape is killing gorgeous...and I have some cheetah leopard pants that I have yet to wear...thank you Keren...I will be wearing them sexy! Thank you for linking up sweetie! I may not leave a comment all of the time but know I am always visiting! Hope you had a wonderful Holiday!
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If you missed last weeks Thrifters Anonymous Meeting you can check it our HERE.

I can not believe there have been 50 Thrifters Anonymous Posts with over 100 members!!! To celebrate a new year and all of you Thrifters Anonymous Members, I will have a very special giveaway coming up..just to say thank you!!! Love you guys and thank you for continuing to join in the fun and addiction!
So we visited the hubby's grandma and family for the holidays and also made a quick rather long walk to the Goodwill downtown. Saying it was huge is an understatement...we also made the rather poor decision to go on 50% day...the lines were out the door...and peoples carts were filled to the top...we some nice labels and clothing for hubby...I had to refrain from looking at any of the women's was all about him...haha




Goodwill Seattle

I was really tempted to get one of these vases filled with vintage goodness...

I was seriously contemplating this Dyson...really! DSYSON!


If we ever have a boy


Kenneth Cole Shoes...too bad the zipper was broken





Loved this jacket!



Now it is your turn!
 If you have a thrifted item, a sale item, or something you can help others save money or time on from this past week, Link up to Thrifters Anonymous every MONDAY and you will have a chance to be featured! Let's be real folks...who doesn't want to see what others are doing to save money, or even how they are letting their creativity amaze us. Oh and not to mention that it's just a cool club and there are no rules, so I won't punish you if you don't want to post my button...I mean it is anonymous right? Thank you and see you every Monday!

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  • That's all...and there is no judgement here...everything is worthy...and believe me once you link up you are officially a Thrifters Anonymous Member...FOR EVA..ha ha ok..or as long as I am doing this madness..
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  1. OMG you know when couples have been together so long, they start looking like each other!! You two are the cutest couple ever ..and he makes your expressions when posing for pics! LOVE IT!

  2. Thank you for selecting me as the Thrifters Anonymous Member of the week. I cannot tell you how much this means to me especially today. I am stepping out on faith this year with hopes to be successful at my passion. Just know that this is confirmation that I should move forward!!

  3. That cape is amazing! So envious. Kay Cee, you deserved to be the member of the week - you rocked it!

    And your hubby looks adorable in all the items he tried on. I'm glad you had fun in the Goodwill in Seattle. I got my blazer (shown in the linkup) there! Small world.

  4. What an amazing post. I must say that today I had my goodwill fix and found amazing pieces. I love the cape your friend is wearing, it is amazing. Happy New Years!

  5. What great thrifted finds! And I love the Pendleton scarf from the photos outside!

  6. Great thrifter of the week choice! That cape is gorgeous! Sidenote: You and the hubby would have some amazingly adorable babies! You two are gorgeous! Happy New Year Shana!

  7. I love Keren's stle and her blog. Great choice for member of the week.

  8. always enjoy going Goodwill "shopping" with you. So much great stuff! Thanks for hosting and happy 2012!


  9. Happy New Year! So glad you guys got to peak into the Goodwill goodness all the way in Seattle! The finds for the hubby are really nice!
    I would also want to dive into those vintage goodie filled vases :)
    Good luck!

  10. Happy New YEAR!! This looks like it was a fun thrift trip, your lucky your husband goes with you mine goes in and out in 5 minutes haha :)

  11. Happy New year darling. Looking forward to posting more regularly on your link. You and yor husband are both beautiful people. Love how he is such a great sport about thrifting. Lovely post. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  12. Totally have that trike! Even with a bell. My daughter's!

  13. That thrift store looks amazing! I'm so jealous!


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