Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Second Look Project: May 2011 Update


P.E. is one of my dearest and best friends Edwina..and I call her P.E. Photographer Extraordinaire, because when I was starting this blog about life and my addiction to thrifting, fashion, and fitness...I didn't have anyone to take my pics..
So she volunteered..and .in return I PROMISED her I would help to find color in her life and be her partner in getting healthy and fit...together we embarked on a journey..and transformation..over a years time, P.E. has lost over 50 pounds, and gained a whole new perspective on life.


All the outfits shown here are almost 100% thrifted by P.E. and I, with the exception of some of her shoes, gifted items from moi, and some accessories! I was helping her shop...she then went home and created these looks all on her own!!!

So, I obviously couldn't wait anymore to update you on A Second Look Project cuz you guys have actually seen P.E. and her progress on my Youtube channel! But I have so many great pics and so many outfits she put together that I wanted to share May 2011 pics with you..we are almost there, and pretty soon we will be current!







For some of you who are new..
You can find out more about P.E's story and Before and After pics by checking out the  "A Second Look Project" Link on the left hand side or click HERE. You can scroll down to the very first "A Second Look Project " post..where I talk about how I was my FIRST project...still in progress I will have you know..

 I will have all of you know that I took ALL of these pics, and directed her!! I was thinking I would give myself the name, Snappy Shana...get it...cuz I snap pics of P.E so much?...fine...I'll just stick to showing you my clothes...haha


  1. I love the friendship that you two have :) You helped her find pieces and she put herself together quite well if I do say so myself! Awesome weight loss also Edwina!!! Congrats on setting and reaching your goal <3

  2. I love your friendship. You two have so much fun! I'm totally in love with the orange top/gray skirt combo. So beautiful.
    Have another super fun year P.E. and Snappy Shana. ;)

  3. Love the new highlights in PE's hair! I think the pink green tops are so cute, and those grey pants are very flattering!

  4. She is an inspiration and a style icon for all! Congrats to her and to you both on your beautiful friendship. It is very rare to come by and you should both feel very blessed.

    All the best.

    Goodwill Huntingg

  5. Definitely love her amazing style!

    Come check out my vintage/thrift store. Everything is under 6 dollars =)

  6. Shana....You really made me blush. And all the comments are truly overwhleming! What a beautiful post! I guess I didnt realize my progression until I saw it with the rest of the world. I totally forgot about all these photos. It's crazy that I never saw myself as you captured me. Thank you for opening my eyes to things I thought I knew but really had no idea about. Your an amazing inspiration. Who knew your blog would be such a life changer....for both of us. I am so thankful.

  7. P.E. is amazing! It is so precious what a friendship can do! P.E. is such an inspiration! She does look gorgeous, and I am loving all the thrifty looks, especially the one with the skirt and floral scarf :) You both are great photographers!
    Good luck!


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