Sunday, January 01, 2012

Seattle and The Pink Door








While visiting in Seattle we had one night on the town...and after hours of walking and one freakishly swollen ankle I had decided to sit down on a bench, when I got a phone call from the hubby who had wondered into the night...

he basically told me to get up, make a right and walk until you see an old vintage door...My mouth had dropped when I spotted this place... The Pink Door...This Italian-American/Cabaret style cellar restaurant nearly made me giddy with excitement...I kept pointing at the walls and telling my husband that, THAT is what we need to do in our living room...I had almost everything in this place including the vintage chandelier and candelabra...the happy hour made us very happy..from the grilled calamari to the fresh clams and olives...dinner was even better!!! I literally salivate thinking of the halibut I had with couscous....shortly after our appetizers a resident ballerina came from the air in silks and performed! ughh and on Saturdays they have singers, violinists...burlesque...

Ok, I need to stop talking about this place...but if you are ever downtown in must go...MUST..we had a great night...the hubby did good....real good...oh and he also took like 800 pictures...

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  1. It's true! The Pink Door is an amazing place! I'm so glad you stumbled upon it :) Sounds like you had a fantastic time!


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