Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Maximizing my time


Vintage Blazer Savers

Skakeskin belt Thrifted Savers

Dress C/O Eshakti

Bag Vintage Gifted

Heels Jessica Simpson Thrifted Buffalo Exchange
Outfit Details
Vintage Mustard Blazer- Thrifted Savers
Maxi Chambray Dress- c/o eShakti New arrivals
Vintage Tapestry Bag- Gifted by P.E.!! LOVE IT!
Earrings- Made by my good friend Fallon from Hey Babydoll Boutique Visit her shop here!
Faux Snakeskin Belt- NY&Co Thrifted Savers
Urban Warrior Ring- Jewelmint
Lipstick- MAC Ruby Woo Gifted thank you Fallon!!!

Achoo! that is me sneezing for the millionth time tonight...I am back from Seattle and I am sick! gosh darn it I had a lot of hopes for this week...and it's looking like I will spending them with tissues, halls, and Tylenol flu...and speaking of Tylenol flu...it's amazing stuff I tell ya...I really hate being sick...it's even worse when you sound sick...people take a step back as if you have an outbreak...it's a cold people! haha I also have a crusty nose...in case you were wondering...

On a side note...I am wearing almost all of my birthday presents! haha I have gotten so many amazing gifts, and when I stop sounding like the plague I will do a haul video on my gifts...oh and we can we talk about this dress? umm ok..I will...but not right now...I gotta sneez...oh and watch the Real Housewives Reunion of coarse...and thank you to all for your support on the feature over at Two Stylish Kays! Check it out if you haven't HERE



  1. love love love this dress - and I love it even more with that blazer - those colors work so well together - I hear your sneez from here...lol get better soon hun.

  2. that is a really fabulous maxi dress, I love the pattern and color, looks wonderful with a mustard blazer.


  3. Love the beautiful colors of the dress :)

  4. Haha, I think it's cute how you guys say goodbye... I love how your wore your belt - that's a great solution for the cute ones that are too big. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I am loving that dress, I have to go and check out their site!! The blazer and shoes go great with the dress!!

    Carsedra of:



  6. Hope you feel better! You dress is awesome! BTW, You've been tagged on my blog. Hope you can participate :)

  7. hope you had a wonderful birthday. that dress is gorgeous!

  8. Wow. Great thrifted blazer and amazing styling.

    In fact, I love your style so much, I'm a new follower.


  9. Landed here from the Pleated Poppy. LOVE your blog and your style....think I might have to join your thrifters group-- love me a good deal!!And absolutely LOVE the maxi dress so much I just ordered one for myself!

  10. What a pretty maxi dress!!! Looks so adorable with the mustard blazer! And the tapestry purse is beyond cute! Feel better soon sweetie! :)

  11. Wow, that is one gorgeous color combination!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  12. love your outfit!!! i adore the color of your blazer :)

    i'm a follower! :D


  13. you are so freakin' cute. I love the blues and mustard together, great color combo! I need more maxi dresses, so comfy and cute! Hooray for birthday gifts, holla!!


  14. Your look beautiful. I like the mixture of different textures in your outfit.

    Christina @ Slim Black Suits


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