Friday, January 06, 2012

I got Jokers to the right...

We spent New Years at Joker's, my Aunt's pub here in Vegas...and boy did we have fun...who needs to be amongst crowds of strangers when you can be amongst friends and family...I PROMISE the strip is not fun on New Years, for any of you thinking it would be fun to party with Kim Kardashian at Tao...just sayin...
We danced a lot...


Let me rephrase that...I danced a lot...haha


The hubby and I had a mini photo shoot..where he whispered sweet not what you are he didn't say ANYTHING in my ear..I think he was trying to look cute haha..




P.E. and her boo joined in on the fun...her boo also joined in on laughing at me while made a fool of myself doing what I call the "Sliding to the side" also known as "The electric slide" or the two step...I seriously wish I had it on video...I was's the new dance of 2012 in case you were wondering...duh...




P.E. and her boo

Thank you to my aunt and uncle for hosting us...and for feeding us with jukebox moneeeeee...cuz I probably stood in front of the jukebox 60% of the time...remember when I said I WANTED to dance more? well I did...whether anyone wanted me to or not! haha 


Sister and her man also joined us and I was so proud of her for wearing the red dress over the black! I told her to choose a new path in 2012...and she totally stepped outside of her comfort zone...she even wore her vintage faux fur I got her for Hanukkah!


What I loved about New Years this year was all I remember is laughing...that's it...laughing....and it's such a good memory I tell ya...and so were these BAZILLION pics the hubby took...

the hubby also proceeded to wish me Happy New Year over and over again by doing this...

Happy New Years

Happy New Year! Hopefully you guys laughed and had a great time whether on the strip or off..stayed n or went out...I hope that you remembered to laugh enjoy the moment of ringing in the new year...cuz it's like we get to start over right?
.More of our outfit pics from New Years coming soon!



  1. Everyone looked fabulous for NYE!

    I prefer spending it with friends over celebs anyday- I mean, you don't even PARTY with the celebs when you party with the celebs. They stay in glass cases called VIP, where you can watch them. Where's the fun in that? ;)

  2. What a fun new years Shana!!! All of you looked amazingly stylish, but that's to be expected ;) love all the pics of you and your hubs. You two are a stunning couple. I especially like the last picture of him wishing you a happy new year with the blower thing (sorry can't remember it's real name!) it's priceless, the expression on your face... happy new year sweetie!!! Thanks for all your kind and comforting words about Blanca. There aren't a lot of people out there that understand. You are very sweet.

  3. What lovely loves you folks are, this looks like it was done RIGHT


  4. Looks like you all had a blast!!! You and your husband are a beautiful couple! Love the dress youre wearing.


  5. You look so pretty Shana! Looks like you had an amazing NYE -- here's to 2012!

  6. Ok, you all look like you had a ball!!! And oh so chic! Partying with family and friends is alot more fun than partying with randoms!!! LOL!


  7. That looks like a fabulous New Years Eve party!!! Everybody is looking gorgeous and happy, and cheery! Such cute pictures, and I'm loving the ones where you're with your hubby posing- so adorable! :) P.E. looks stunning too!
    Thank you sweetheart for your kindness! It means the world to me, and, yes, we're totally going thrifting together one day!!! :)
    Good luck!

  8. I love that white dress! So pretty!


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